A new report indicates Marvel Studios and Disney are developing an America Chavez series for Disney+.

The report comes from Geeks World Wide. They state, “Marvel Studios is in the early stages of development for a Miss America series on the Disney+ streaming service.” They go on to report that America Chavez will be the main protagonist of the series. America Chavez’s superhero name is Miss America.

They did not provide any other details regarding the series. However, they do speculate that America Chavez could eventually team up with Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, and others in a possible Ultimates storyline featuring Galactus.

Who is America Chavez?

The character was created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta and first appeared in the 2011 limited series Vengeance. She is an LGBTQ character.

America Chavez is the daughter of two mothers from the Utopian Parallel, a reality out of sync with the prime Marvel Universe. She appears to have inherited her abilities from the being known as the Demiurge. Her powers include superhuman strength and durability. She also has the ability to fly. Her most unique power comes in the ability to open holes in reality via kicking. It gives her the ability to travel through Marvel’s multiverse. She also has energy projection abilities.

Chavez joined the Ultimates after being invited by the superhero Blue Marvel following the events of Secret Wars. She has also been part of A-Force. More recently the character joined the West Coast Avengers.

The character received her own solo title in America in 2017. The first issue only shipped 43,592 copies. It was the 37th most shipped comic in March of 2017. By issue 2, the comic only shipped 23,987 copies and it had fallen to the 95th most shipped comic. The final and 12th issue of the series in February 2018 only shipped 6,482 copies. It was the 235th most shipped comic. Needless to say the series did not seem popular among comic book readers.

Are you interested in seeing a Miss America series featuring America Chavez?