A new rumor suggests an A-Force movie is in development at Marvel Studios with a roster that includes Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel and Natalie Portman’s Female Thor.

The rumor comes from We Got This Covered, who reveal their source tells them the team will not only include Captain Marvel and Female Thor, but will also feature America Chavez as Miss America, Valkyrie, and She-Hulk.

In fact, their source tells them the newly announced She-Hulk Disney+ series will lead to the formation of the A-Force team.

As one can expect in modern Hollywood, the source also indicates Disney is looking for a female writer and female director for the project.

An all-female Marvel team-up movie has been talked about for a couple of years now. Thor: Ragnarok actress Tessa Thompson discussed the possibility about such a film back in February 2018. (Related: Kevin Feige Talks About All-Women Marvel Movie!)

“I’m not Marvel so I can’t make it happen, but I can tell you that Marvel is hugely collaborative, I think our even our Thor [Ragnarok] movie was basically the product of conversations they’d had with Chris [Hemsworth] and with Mark [Ruffalo] about what they wanted to do next. I think [Marvel boss] Kevin Feige is really excited by the idea, and if you look at what’s happened already in Phase 4 with me and [Thompson’s character] Valkyrie and our story, and then in Black Panther the women rule supreme.”

In fact, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige endorsed the idea:

“It is an embarrassment of riches. Even watching the audience at the Black Panther premiere respond to Lupita, Letitia, and certainly Danai in their action sequences … you watch Danai spinning around in that casino, taking out dozens of people, and you go, ‘Of course you can make a whole movie about that!’”

He did note:

“It is all about figuring out when and how. But by the way, many of them have already filmed additional scenes in upcoming movies, so some of that is gonna come sooner rather than later. All of them will be seen again.”

Thompson and Feige aren’t the only ones talking about an all-female Marvel film. Ant-Man and The Wasp actress Evangeline Lilly already has picked out a leader for the team in Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. (Related: Ant-Man and The Wasp Star Evangeline Lilly Pitches Avengers Movie Idea!)

“Well, it seems only natural Captain Marvel would lead because she is a general? And she’s the captain. And Captain America leads the other Avengers, right, so maybe Captain Marvel would lead.”

Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson endorsed the idea. (Related: Brie Larson: “I’m Super Into an All-Female Avengers Movie”)

“I’m scared and I don’t know what the future holds either. I’m not let into those top-secret meetings, so we’ll see. We’ll see what happens. I love all the female characters so much. So of course like that’s what I’m interested in. I’m super into an all-female Avengers movie. Yeah, I think that would just be, it would just be cool to see all of them interact together.”

It’s more than likely that Captain Marvel would be the leader of this new team. While She-Hulk leads the A-Force team in the comics, Feige confirmed that Larson’s Captain Marvel would “take the lead and be at the forefront of the entire Cinematic Universe” back in March. (Related: Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige Confirms Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel to Take the Lead in Marvel Cinematic Universe)

An A-Force adaptation was speculated to be in development for Marvel TV under the guidance of Jeph Loeb. However, that project appeared to get scrapped when ABC reportedly passed on the female-centric Marvel superhero from Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg. It’s possible Feige decided to use the idea to include in the Marvel Cinematic Universe rather than have it air as a TV show on ABC. (Related: ABC Passes on Female-Centric Marvel Superhero Show)

What do you make of this rumor? Do you think Marvel Studios is developing an A-Force movie? Are you interested in an A-Force movie?


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