HBO And The Wire Producer David Simon Asks God To Wipe Out Mar-A-Lago with Hurricane Dorian

Creator and Producer for HBO’s The Wire, David Simon, took to Twitter to ask God to wipe out President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club with Hurricane Dorian.

Simon wrote on Twitter, “After the last three years, the work of a just and righteous God cannot be considered credible evidence of His goodness unless He picks all of Mar-A-Lago up by the roots, sails it across half of Florida and heaves it on top of Doral and its every last bedbug.”

He would follow-up his prayer to God  to have Mar-A-Lago uprooted and dropped on top of Doral by Hurricane Dorian with quite a number of tweets filled with colorful language.

He would claim that he was not calling for anyone to die, just to have the Mar-A-Lago property dropped on top of the one at Doral.

He would reiterate that point a number of times.

He would then “pray” for the death of Trump’s golf course.

He would then begin debating Christians regarding theology.

He then notes he was being sarcastic.

Most recently, he stated, “God is dead or on oxy. This has been made clear to us in these times.”

However, he would then state, “Omnipotence is a thing. And my God isn’t some candyass new-age skywizard. He’s Yahweh, the OT OG, who walks Israelites across the sea while dunking armies nearby.”

David Simon has a history of going after Trump via Twitter. Over the summer in the midst of Trump’s clash with Rep. Elijah Cummings of Baltimore. The creator of The Wire blasted Trump for his view of the city and claimed that if he indeed stepped foot in West Baltimore “he’d wet himself.”

Simon is currently working on The Duece at HBO as both a writer and producer. He’s also working on the TV miniseries The Plot Against America as a writer and producer. He previously worked on Show Me A Hero, Treme, and Generation Kill along with The Wire.

What do you make of David Simon’s comments? Do you think he was being sarcastic as he claims?


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