The Batman won’t be in theaters for another two years but we are steadily learning more about it. Director Matt Reeves, who took over for Ben Affleck, has been clear he wants to tell a detective story that is different from what we’ve seen thus far at the cinema.

A new plot description backs up the writer/director’s mandate and adds there will be a series of deaths tied to a conspiracy in Gotham’s underworld that Batman investigates. The Batman’s rumored plot is the following:

“The Batman will explore a detective case – when people start dying in strange ways Batman must go deep into the dark world of Gotham to find clues and solve the mystery/conspiracy connected to Gotham City’s history and criminals.

In the film all of Batman Rogues Gallery are already out there and active similar to the comics and animated shows/movies. The film will have multiple villains as they are all suspects.”

A YouTube video corresponding with the alleged plot summary also was posted from a YouTube account titled Daniel RPK. That same handle is used by Super Bros Movies freelancer Daniel Richtman. It’s unclear if the YouTube channel and Richtman are connected.

We have known for sometime Reeves wants to use multiple villains and work within an established Gotham City, though Bruce will be “starting out” as Batman. Among the rogues rumored to be involved are ones that were in movies once before: Penguin (the one at the center of it all), Riddler, Catwoman, Two-Face, Mad Hatter, and Firefly. (Related: Ben Affleck Reveals Matt Reeves’ Batman Will Be “Starting-Out Version”)

Casting for these rumored parts has yet to take place but Andy Serkis is a name that keeps coming up for the Penguin. This is a rumor contradicted by a character breakdown for Penguin and Reeves could have him in mind for someone else — possibly Mad Hatter. (Related: Rumor: Andy Serkis Will Appear in The Batman as a Villain Other Than Penguin)

Word is Vanessa Kirby is being looked at for Catwoman though no offer has been made that we know of. (Related: Rumor: Hobbs & Shaw Actress Vanessa Kirby Being Eyed for Catwoman)

Long Halloween is allegedly the basis for Reeves’ story. The 1996 arc by Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb was a winding mystery stacked with villains from all over the DC Universe including Reeves’ choices for his cast of characters. Poison Ivy, Solomon Grundy, Joker, Scarecrow, and Calendar Man also figured in the plot. (Related: The Long Halloween Rumored to be the Inspiration for Matt Reeves’ The Batman)

The Batman stars Robert Pattinson and is set for release on June 25, 2021.