YouTuber Eric July ripped into CBR writer Shawn Lealos after he advocated for Marvel Studios to change She-Hulk’s comic book origin in the upcoming Disney+ show.

July takes immediate issue with Lealos’ reasoning for wanting She-Hulk’s origins to be changed.

Lealos writes, “If Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk shows up to save Jennifer with a blood transfusion, it causes an immediate problem. This origin means the only reason Walters becomes a superhero is due to her male cousin saving her life.”

July obliterates this idea, “That’s just the facts of the matter. Like you can’t be mad at the facts, bro. That’s the fact of the matter. Her existence is solely due to the actions of the Hulk. Absolutely. That’s the reality of the situation.” (Related: She-Hulk Rumor: The Abomination and The Leader to be Featured Villains)

Lealos would then pontificate, “This connection makes her transformation into a hero that stands on her own even more difficult.”

July absolutely roasted him, “Her f****** name is She-Hulk. Why would that even be the goal. Her name is She-Hulk. She was never really meant to be that. She was basically created by Hulk in that sense.” (Related: Eric July: What Marvel Did to Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel was Racist)

July sums up Lealos’ argument, “The writer is essentially saying, ‘Well, female characters not standing on their own therefore change their origin.” He adds, “That’s bulls***. Like again that’s completely removing what makes her a decently developed character among other things. You are taking away the fact again that the writers have done a decent job of not trying to have her erase Hulk. Like I’m talking historically speaking when she was brought in as She-Hulk.” (Related: Eric July: “The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a F****** Joke When it Comes to this Diversity Bullshit”)

July continues, “Her f****** name is She-Hulk. What are we talking about, bro? There is no getting around that. Then to have the nerve to try to pull from the bad ideas that Captain Marvel made. The movie made. And then be like ‘well they did and it was a good job.’ Like no, no, no that was wrong that was f***** up.”

What do you think? Should She-Hulk’s origin be changed to divorce her character from Bruce Banner? Does it make any sense? Let me know your thoughts below!

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