Giancarlo Esposito Hints Star Wars Disney+ Show The Mandalorian Will Have Political Messaging

Actor Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Moff Gideon in the upcoming Star Wars Disney+ show The Mandalorian, hinted the show will have political messaging.

In a group interview alongside his cast mates with Entertainment Weekly, Esposito was describing his character and the role he would play before hinting his character and his role in the show reflects a struggle with a moral boundary. (Related: Star Wars: Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau Tease The Mandalorian Will Explore Early Days of The First Order)

Esposito begins by describing his character and the role he might play in the show:

“It’s possible he’s an antagonist. He was someone who was very high up in the Empire years ago. Very high up officer. He’s kind of an Imperial remnant of that time after the Empire fell. We have all of these marshals who are given different areas to be the top cop in, but I know  my character Moff Gideon has other ideas. He could be a savior. In a world that is lawless with leaders who exhibit a kind of faulty power because they have ideas that they want to aggrandize themselves.

He continues hinting the show will have political messaging. (Related: LEAKED: The Mandalorian Footage from Star Wars Celebration Features IG-88)

We are in that world right now. That’s why the show is so very particular at this time in our history. Yes, it’s entertainment, but yes it’s also enlightening in the way that we are all struggling with that moral boundary. Do we accept or do we not accept?”

Finally, he notes the show will be informative, but is also reinvented for the here and now:

“All of this plays into what we are trying to express in this very, very complicated piece that people seem to think is from the ’70s. But now, it is reinvented and it’s here, and it’s honest now, and it should be very informative and exciting at the same time.”

Now it’s possible the show could be subtle about its political implications in the real world and instead of focus on the politics happening within the Star Wars universe. This was done effectively in The Clone Wars animated series and in the prequel trilogies. (Related: Star Wars Reveals First Looks at Gina Carano and Carl Weathers’ The Mandalorian Characters)

Producer Dave Filoni states, “I’ve seen a lot of Star Wars. And what’s most exciting to me is that I am very confident we did some things — and fans will see things — that have never been seen before.”

What do you make of Esposito’s comments? Do you think The Mandalorian might feature a number of beat you over the head moments of political lecturing? Or do you think it could subtly woven into the storyline and primarily focused on the politics in the Star Wars universe? Or do you think we won’t see much if any politics in the show?

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