Cosplay of the Day: Naty’sa as Sword Art Online’s Leafa

Today’s cosplay of the day is Naty’sa as Sword Art Online’s Leafa.

Take a look.

Who is Leafa?

Leafa is the alter ego of Kirigaya Suguha in Alfheim Online as well as Project Alicization. She is the cousin and adoptive sister of Kirigaya Kazuto.

After Kazuto ended up trapped in Sword Art Online, she decided to explore other Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online games and quickly started playing Alfheim Online. She would eventually be crowned the strongest Sylph in the game.

As a Sylph in the game Leafa is proficient in a number of magics including Shield magic, concealment magic, healing magic, vacuum blade magic, wind needle magic, and strength buff magic.

Leafa is voiced by Taketatsu Ayana in the original Japanese version of the anime and Cassandra Lee Morris in the English dub version.

What do you make of Naty’sa’s Leafa cosplay?

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