Chris Pratt: “If Only We Could Love Life The Way This Pig Loves Apples”

Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt took to Instagram to share a picture of a pig chomping down on an apple.

Pratt captioned the photo, “She moaned , eyes rolled back, caught in the vulnerable throws of ecstasy, longings met, tastebuds burning the finite moment in which she wanted not. If only we could love life the way this pig loves apples.”

Fans of Chris Pratt know the actor owns a farm on San Juan Island in Washington State where he raises a number of farm animals. Pratt routinely updates his followers about the goings on at the farm.

He recently revealed that his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger gave him two new pet Kune-Kune pigs. Pratt revealed the pigs have already been named “Tim and Faith because they’re beautiful and their love is palpable and inspiring.”

Pratt noted, “They will spend their entire lives thriving at the farm, until they pass naturally many, many years from now.” He added, “Historically our relationship with animals has taught us so many valuable life lessons- ranging from the harsh realities of the cycle of life to the rewards of compassion, stewardship, love and care.”

While Pratt might be taking a liking to his pigs recently, Radio reports the main focus of his farm “is the organically-raised lambs being used for their wool and meat.” In fact, one of his ewes was an award winner at the Washington State University Country Living Expo.

However, Pratt has indicated he’s unclear about how many sheep they have. He estimates it’s upwards of 150.

He did note they had over 55 lambs this year.

Do you agree with Chris Pratt? What do you make of his farm living when he’s not making blockbuster Hollywood films?

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