Matt Reeves is looking for the next Catwoman. While he has a specific type he wants, that isn’t stopping fans from conducting polls for their favorite choice. One actress close to their hearts is Percy Jackson and True Detective starlet Alexandra Daddario. asked Daddario in a new exclusive interview if the part of Catwoman in The Batman was something she had interest in. As it turns out, she didn’t know fans want to see her in the skintight suit jumping off rooftops. Moreover, she likes the big superhero movies.

“Oh! I actually didn’t know that. That’s cool! Look, of course I would love to join any cinematic universe. I think those roles are really, really cool. I think they do great things for people’s careers and it’s always fun being in a big movie like that.”

She adds the caveat she doesn’t put much thought into roles she hasn’t secured or auditioned for. Still, Daddario reiterates she would work on a comic-book movie:

“I don’t like to think too much about a role either before I have an audition or it’s something that I’m working on. I don’t like to get too invested in things I don’t have but of course it would be silly of me to say, ‘No, that’s not something I want to do.’ I think that’s really cool and thank you to the fans for thinking of me!”

Daddario worked with Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson once before; the two played father and daughter in the disaster movie San Andreas and opposite one another in Baywatch. CBM asked her if she’d be interested in reuniting with him in the DC Extended Universe, whether as Catwoman or not.

“Again, of course! It would be silly for me to say no. I love working with Dwayne, I love his team, and those projects were incredibly fun. I’ve done big movies a few times and I think it’s just so cool. The sets are so cool, I love doing stunts, and I love all that stuff. It’s fun and exciting. Of course, that would be great but again, it’s hard to think about something you don’t have yet if that makes any sense?”

As we reported, Reeves might seek an actress either black or mixed-race for Catwoman. Zoe Kravitz was who he had in mind but her schedule will keep her too occupied. (Related: Rumor: Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Could Feature a Catwoman of Color or Mixed Race)

Another possibility for Catwoman fans want is Eiza Gonzalez who was the inspiration for new fan art by Boss Logic. (Related: Graphic Artist Boss Logic Imagines Eiza Gonzalez as Catwoman)

Daddario joining the ranks of DC remains to be seen. For now, she cozies up to DC vets Henry Cavill and Ben Kingsley in Night Hunter in theaters and on-demand.

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