Anonymous Massage Therapist Who Accused Kevin Spacey Of Sexual Assault Dies in Middle of Lawsuit

An anonymous massage therapist who accused Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting them has died before the conclusion of the suit.

The anonymous accuser brought the lawsuit against Spacey in September 2018 noting the alleged sexual assault took place at a private residence in Malibu.

Spacey challenged the lawsuit on the basis that the accuser’s identity was being kept anonymous. However, a California federal judge allowed the case to proceed. (Related: Ian McKellen Apologizes for Comments About Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey)

The Hollywood Reporter reports the accuser died just a month after the two parties had agreed to plans for the lawsuit that would involve discovery as well as a 7 to 11 day trial.

They also report the lawsuit can still move forward if the heirs of the anonymous accuser decide to proceed. However, they note, “the heirs would likely have to identify the deceased accuser after getting a green light to administer his estate in probate court.”

Spacey saw criminal charges of felony indecent assault and battery against him dropped earlier this year in Nantucket, Massachusetts. The charges were withdrawn after the accuser plead the fifth on the witness stand. Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe noted the charges were dropped “due to the unavailability of the complaining witness.”

In a separate incident, one of the first accusers of Kevin Spacey, Linda Culkin, was reportedly struck dead by a vehicle back in May. (Related:Report: Kevin Spacey Accuser Linda Culkin Dead After Being Struck By Car)

Her cousin, Cindy Culkin, told RadarOnline, “Linda was one of the first to accuse Kevin Spacey of attacking young men, and I find it very odd that you don’t hear anything more about her accident — or about the person who hit her. It’s like it happened, and now there is nothing!”

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