A new report reveals there will be three new heroes arriving in My Hero Academia Season 4.

The report comes from Hero News Network, who describe themselves as “your unofficial source for the latest My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia news and info!” (Related: New My Hero Academia Season 4 Image Showcases Deku and Lemillion)

They reveal the new characters joining Season 4 will be Ryukyu, who will be voiced by Yagi Kaori, Rock Lock, who will be voiced by Yasuhiro, and Centipeder, who will be voiced by Okuma Kenta. (Related: Live-Action My Hero Academia Film in The Works from Legendary)


Ryukyu also known as Ryuko Tatsuma is the “Dragoon Hero.” She is a Pro Hero who has an unnamed quirk that allows her to transform into a dragon.

While in this dragon form, Ryukyu has incredibly enhanced strength. Not only does she have superhuman strength in this form, but she also becomes extremely durable able to easily resist blunt blows.

As a dragon she also has the ability to fly.

Rock Lock

Rock Lock also known as Ken Takagi is also a Pro Hero known as the Lock Hero.

Rock Lock’s quirk is titled Lock Down. It allows him to immobilize any non-living object.

His super move is titled Deadbolt. It is deployed by touching a nearby surface and rotating his hand 180 degrees. The move allows him to secure the a specific area in a point of space.


Centipeder also known as Juzo Moashi is a sidekick of Sir Nighteye.

His quirk is titled Centipede. Upon use he obtains centipede-like limbs that he uses to attack and restrain enemies at range.

His super move is titled Centicoil. When he uses this move he uses his centipede arms and constricts him enemies.

My Hero Academia Season 4 will see Izuku Midoriya come face to face with a number of new heroes including Mirio and Sir Nighteye. Not only will he meet new heroes, but he will also face new villains like Overhaul.

The fourth season will be simulcast on Funimation beginning on October 12th. Funimation details they “will stream day and date with the Japanese broadcast when it starts on October 12 in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland and Australia, and on Hulu.”

What do you make of these new heroes? Are you looking forward to My Hero Academia Season 4?

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