Rotten Tomatoes released their audience score for Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo: Last Blood and it proves one thing, the critic score is a completely useless tool to judge whether you should see a movie.

The Audience Score for Rambo: Last Blood currently sits at 86% from 562 reviews. It has an average rating of 4.35 stars out of 5. The verified Audience Score is still at a high 82% from 158 reviews with an average rating of 4.21 stars out of 5. Meanwhile, the critic score sits at 35% from 48 reviewers with an average rating of 4.52 out of 10. (Related: Rotten Tomatoes Critics Blast Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo: Last Blood: “Cruel and Ugly Showcase of Xenophobic Carnage”)

Rambo Last Blood Audience

And it’s not just Rotten Tomatoes. Metacritic features a number of these same reviewers. Their Metascore from critics sits at 33. However, the User Score is 8.0. It has 25 positive reviews and 6 negative reviews.

Here’s what moviegoers have to say about the film on Rotten Tomatoes:

Marcin M gives it 5 stars. He writes, “This movie is really awsome. This is the most emotional film I’ve ever seen. It’s something amazing.”

Paul gives it 4 stars. He writes, “Entertaining with a touch of sadness.”

Remy B gives it 5 stars. They write, “Movie was really good if you dont have a political agenda up your a**! No one cares about the people who consider them selfs “critics” on rotten tomatoes, but it is a good way for them to look retarded placing there political opinion in a movie review”

Ken C gives it 5 stars. He writes, “You’ve never seen anything like this. Rambo is pushed to his limit and when he pushes back it gets apocalyptic.”

Joshua G gives it 4 and a half stars. He writes, “This movie was great No idea why people were saying it was bad.”

Chan L gives the film 4 and a half stars. They write, “Fun and action packed! I was looking forward to this movie coming out and it didn’t let me down. No spoilers but you were given nods to the prior movies. I will be going back to see this movie again. There’s no political message, but some people find anything to complain about in the honor of being offended or white knighting for nothing.”

Ricardo O gives the film 4 stars. He writes, “The story the action scenes I like good movie I will recommend.”

Joe Y gives the film 5 stars. He writes, “The last great action hero franchise.”

Kevin S gives the film 5 stars. He writes, “Great action, strong drama elements continuing the Rambo Saga.”

Enrique N gives the film 5 stars. He writes, “The “critics” are crap. They are all a bunch of fools who sit at home blogging away and have no idea what action movies are all about. I bet most have never seen a Rambo movie or a movie without CGI. I hate RT critics and how useless their opinions actually are.”

Junior P gives the film 5 stars. He writes, “This is not a movie for the soft PC Culture and I loved it. #rambo.”

Joe G gives the film 4 stars. He writes, “Rambo: Last Blood was great. It’s an old school movie that doesn’t roll over and “follow” the time (making 007 a woman, Snake Eyes an asian). It’s a brutal revenge movie about an old warrior who can’t escape his destiny, a harbinger of death. I do have a problem with the pacing issue, it was a tad slow in the beginning but I think it’s a minor thing and they deliberately did this to make Last Blood a distinct movie.”

Nathan H gives the film 5 stars. He writes, “100% Masculinity. 0% soy.”

Mike D gives the film stars. He writes, “Critics are Trying to make this political. Don’t get lost in that mumbo jumbo … it is a solid action/ revenge movie. With all the promised violence you could ask for. Stallone really delivers again. Amazing what he is doing at 73. Even though the antagonists are from Mexico I do not see an agenda here at all. Insanity. Thanks Stallone for doing what you do. Critics stay home.”

That gives you a pretty good idea of what actual moviegoers think of the film. This is exactly why you can’t put your trust in the critics at Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten Tomatoes critics are no longer critics. They are warped political activists, who put their own brand of personal politics before the actual movie review. These individuals are not helping moviegoers make decisions on what films to see. They are trying to be gatekeepers of culture. They are trying to prevent people from seeing films that might make them look at the world differently than their own political view.

Their gatekeeping isn’t working and it will never work. Americans are just too smart for their obvious drivel.

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