One America News Network’s Jack Posobiec recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign for his upcoming comic Agent Poso: Task Force AEGIS.

Posobiec teams with co-creator Brett R. Smith, who will also take on creative direction, editing, and coloring for the series. They are joined by prolific comic book writer Chuck Dixon, known for creating the Batman villain Bane along with iconic runs on Batman, Punisher, Nightwing and Birds of Prey. Finally, Sergio Cariello is on art duties. Cariello is a comic book veteran who has worked on everything from Captain America and Spider-Man to Hulk and Conan. He also teamed up with Smith and Dixon for Clinton Cash A Graphic Novel.

Agent Poso: Task Force AEGIS will follow a black ops team lead by Agent Poso as they are assigned a Tier One special task by the President of the United States in order to combat a mysterious new global threat.

Task Force AEGIS

Task Force AEGIS consists of Agent Poso also known as Jack. He is the team leader when it comes to field operations. He is a “master of disguises, stealth, espionage, and both armed and unarmed combat.”

Poso is joined by Agent Tanya “Tay” Posobiec. Tanya was born in the former Soviet Union, but now a proud American. She is a language expert as well as an expert marksman.

Task Force Aegis’s Cyber-Ops specialist is Agent Cassandra Fairbanks. She is the moral voice of the team who isn’t afraid to mix it up with her Puerto Rican attitude.

Finally, rounding out the team is Agent Draino. He’s the team’s special equipment and weapons expert. He brings down the rain while chomping on a cigar, listening to country music, and revving it up in his truck. He’s the team’s hammer.

The team will also be joined by a mysterious operative codenamed ALX.

Agent Poso

Chuck Dixon teases Agent Poso and Task Force AEGIS will be taking on eco-terrorists and globalists.

“Coming together with Jack on this adventure was irresistible. We’re gonna do some comics for the rest of us. He understands that the right needs to utilize the power of pop culture. This isn’t political content. It’s an espionage, war on terror thriller with action, violence, beautiful women, and bad guys. Fighting globalists and eco-terrorists today is this same as when James Bond fought communists in the Cold War. I can’t wait for people to see what we’ve made.”

Not only will the villains be globalists and eco-terrorists, but the story is actually set 10 years in the future. It will deal with an expansionist Red China who have built a land bridge to Tawain. Europe will once again be divided between east and west, and there will be a new caliphate in the Middle East. There will even be a DMZ on the border between the United States and Mexico.

Agent Poso

According to the IndieGoGo, the comic was specifically made to push back against Hollywood’s current crop of storytelling.

“The entertainment industry is in crisis. Hollywood and the streaming platforms are busy attacking American values, and the major comic book companies are no longer interested in telling great stories of high adventure — only of showcasing their own progressive politics.

Agent Poso sets out to reverse that trend by telling a real adventure story backed up with world class art and writing.”

Brett R. Smith adds:

“Jack and I agree. It’s not about white papers and op-eds. You can’t fight a culture war unlessyou are creating culture and that’s why this team came together to do a comic about Agent Poso and fight back against an entertainment industry taken over by the left in the last 30 years.”

In fact, the book is being described as “the tip of the spear of a new wave of conservative counterculture.”

Agent Poso

The IndieGoGo campaign has a number of options for backers to choose from. Backers can get the first issue along with a Task Force AEGIS Patch and sticker. Other options include having your name listed in the book, signed copies of the book, a personalized message from Jack Posobiec, an exclusive meet-up with Jack Posobiec at AMPFest 2019, having your likeness drawn into the book, a 45-minute conference call with the Task Force AEGIS team, and even a day with Team Poso in Washington D.C.

The campaign is aiming to raise $60,000. They have currently raised $9,780 from 115 backers. You can back Agent Poso: Task Force AEGIS here.

A portion of the proceeds raised for the comic will go to a veterans charity.

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