DC Comics is teaming up with upstart wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling, or AEW, for new comics featuring stars on their roster. On Wednesday, the announcement was made on social media accompanied by artwork by Howard Porter (The Flash, Justice League 3000).

The art depicting stylized versions of AEW World Champion Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose in WWE) caught the attention of All Elite’s new and nefarious character Evil Uno. The masked man retweeted Jericho’s piece of Porter artwork and implored DC Comics to add him “to the Batman rogue gallery.”

Evil Uno must think he can take the Dark Knight and maybe he could. People like him have held their own. Former grappler Killer Croc could take Batman to the limit and the luchador-looking Bane successfully fatigued and “broke” the Bat, putting him out of action throughout the ’90s in Knightfall and Knightquest.

Ready Player One

Evil Uno, or Player Uno, is a masked wrestler with a gimmick based on classic Nintendo games. With a menagerie of offense that includes his patented M. Bison Stomp and Dig Dug Driver, he plied his trade in indie promotions with devoted followings, like Philadelphia-based Chikara and Ring of Honor.

Billed from The Mushroom Kingdom, Uno actually hails from Quebec — home of stars Mad Dog Vachon, PCO, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens. In his downtime, he is an avid gamer and used to host a web show called 4-Play on YouTube channel TheNerdSlam.

Uno joined AEW in May at their Double or Nothing event as part of the heel (or bad-guy) team The Dark Order — at one time known as the Super Smash Bros.

An Elite Buy-In

All Elite Wrestling is owned and funded by Tony Khan, whose billionaire family own the Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s also the brainchild of a second-generation wrestler, and friend of Arrow’s Stephen Amell, Executive VP Cody Rhodes and his close companions Kenny Omega and Matt and Nick Jackson (the tag team that goes by The Young Bucks).

Rhodes wrestled against Amell in WWE, his first foray in wrestling. They later joined forces in ROH and Japan. Rhodes, in turn, got a recurring role as a metahuman gangster on Arrow. (Related: Arrow Star Stephen Amell Goes Flying Through Table at Ring of Honor!)

It was Rhodes who first teased a DC-AEW partnership on Batman Day with a graphic complemented by a still from Batman: The Animated Series declaring “Batman is #ALLELITE.”

More details of the arrangement with DC will go public soon but All Elite already does business with WarnerMedia. They first landed a TV deal with Warner cable network TNT, once home to defunct Warner-owned WWE rival World Championship Wrestling and its flagship Monday-night show, Nitro.

AEW’s new weekly program, Dynamite, bears a similar name and will follow in the footsteps of its WCW predecessor by going head to head against WWE’s NXT brand that now airs on USA Network beginning Oct. 2nd.

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