Russian cosplayer Anastasia Komori recently shared photographs of her Mary Jane Watson cosplay.

She commented on her love of Autumn in St. Petersburg saying, “I like this season, especially in St. Petersburg. The city become so grim and beautiful.”

She had previously shared shared her Mary Jane cosplay in the past.

The cosplay outfit was made famous by artist J. Scott Campbell, who drew Mary Jane Watson wearing the outfit on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #601 back in 2009.

Mary Jane Watson

He would revisit that cover this year in a single page story in Marvel Comics #1000.

Mary Jane Watson is synonymous with Spider-Man. The character was created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. and made her first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #25. Although, you didn’t get to see her face until The Amazing Spider-Man #42. The character was actually a bit of a running joke in the beginning of her comic life as Parker’s Aunt May was trying to set the two of them up on dates, only for Peter to find a way to get out of them.

When the two did eventually meet, Mary Jane uttered her now iconic line, “Face it tiger… You Just hit the jackpot!”

MJ would become Peter Parker’s main love interest following the death of Gwen Stacy. In fact, the two would get married before Mephisto interfered and manipulated the timeline so the marriage never happened.

What do you make of Anastasia Komori’s cosplay as Mary Jane Watson?

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