Vincent D’Onofrio targeted a number of Bernie Sanders supporters that he deemed trolls and “relentlessly disturbing.”

It came after he threatened to quit Twitter over what he claims was harassment from supporters of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

As reported by Screen Geek, D’Onofrio took to Twitter to complain to Bernie Sanders about the treatment he and his wife were receiving from his supporters. In now deleted tweets, D’Onofrio wrote, “Yet, it is the relentless, rudeness, and inappropriate behaving toward my wife and from you real supporters Sen. Sanders that he me leaving social media.” He added, “Well Senator Sanders I’m about to quit tweeter for good. I’ve had enough of the sad sad Bernie Sanders Senator Sanders supporters hassling my wife and I. The next chance I get will say it again in Public. My last plea to you Senator Sanders is this…”

D’Onofrio then tweeted to Sander’s campaign manager Faiz Shakir. He wrote, “Your campaign owes an apology to all who have been horribly attack on Social media. I’m not talking about the fake supporters I’m talking about your real supporters who are out their behaving badly. Shame shame shame. My last post on twitter.”

However, that would not be his last post on Twitter. D’Onofrio would go on to detail in a set of 39 tweets the harassment he alleges his wife and he received from Bernie Sanders supporters. (Archive link:

D’Onofrio wrote in one of the tweets that seemed to specifically target a Timothy Barrett, “A couple of vicious posts from Bernie supporters like yourself were sent at me and those couple egged on several more and then an onslaught came our way.” He noted, “So I began to research how horrible some of these followers can actually be. Of course not all. Let me say that again NOT ALL BERNIE SUPPORTERS.”

D’Onofrio did admit his life had become consumed by politics since the election of Donald Trump, “My life since Ding Dong was elected has been consumed with..(like a lot of ours has) with grass roots politics.”

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The Daredevil actor would defend himself against a number of these alleged attacks that appear to take issue with his wealth and status as an actor, “And yet we were attacked like many others have been. How can u defend the kind of behavior that uses our financial status against us?”

In a twist of irony, D’Onofrio would question why the alleged harassment he was receiving was okay. “Why is that suddenly ok? Who says this is ok? Why treat people like this? Why be horrible to strangers? Is that going to get you votes from other liberals, there liberals freinds (sp?) and their family members?”

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D’Onofrio would describe that he was being harassed by individuals who used repeated slurs and falsehoods. He stated, “Falsehoods that just appear like a kind of magic that is conjured up by you and others who can’t help themselves but to insult good people that don’t happen to agree with you on or two things yet agree most things.”

He would go on to even call out these individuals as cowards, “I know twitter makes your kind brave. Gives you the guts you don’t pocess (sp?) in real life or face to face with a stranger like me. A citizen like me.” He continued, “That’s you and that’s cool with me. I however don’t have to let it go. I can defend my wife and I. I will defend my wife and I against your chicken shit nonsense.”

D’Onofrio concluded, “It’s fair for me to inform other citizens out there to beware of these types. These trolls are not kind. They are relentlessly disturbing. And to all you Bernie people who continue to troll me and others. Smarten up! See you at the voting booth.”

D’Onofrio is no stranger to expressing his views. Earlier this year claimed that if someone wore a MAGA hat it was a sign they could not be trusted. He also supported a boycott of Jimmy John’s restaurants after a decade old photo resurfaced of owner Jimmy John Liautaud next to a an elephant. He would even refer to one person who disagreed with him as a “Ding dong.”

He referred to another as an idiot.

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