The CW’s Nancy Drew premieres on the network tonight and the cast recently sat down for an interview to detail what fans can expect from the show.

TVLine spoke with the show’s stars Kennedy McMann (Nancy Drew), Tunji Kasim (Ned “Nick” Nickerson), Alex Saxon (Ace), Leah Lewis (George Fayne), and Maddison Jaizani (Bess).

When asked what Nancy and her friends defy, McMann told TVLine, “I think they are all defying…I was about to say they are all defying different types of oppression, which sounds like they are all defying oppression.”

Kasim would add, “To a degree they are defying their pasts. They’ve all got stuff in their past that could bog them down, anchor them down. But actually these guys are all kind of fighting that and trying to use that to make them better people.”

When asked how the show and Nancy Drew has been updated for 2019, Kasim stated, “All the characters have got a new 2019 vibe to them. I play Ned Nickerson a.k.a. Nick, calling him Nick. So, that’s a start. That’s an updating. But he’s very different from the books, very different from the books. And kind of right down the line, we have new versions of everyone. But maintaining the spirit of the original Nancy Drew.”

McMann would add, “There’s relevant social issues that are in the world today that are also represented with how the characters handle themselves and navigate the world. So, you can’t ignore that when you are updating the show.”

The CW’s version of Nancy Drew will feature a supernatural mystery. McMann discusses how the supernatural mystery is balanced with Nancy’s regular mystery solving work.

“I would say it’s a pretty equal balance. But the ghosts and the supernatural elements are interwoven within the current mystery that we are dealing with in the first season. The main mystery. There will be a bunch of little side mysteries.”

Nancy Drew’s first episode airs on The CW on October 9th at 9 PM ET.

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