Chuck Dixon Launches Thrilling Comics IndieGoGo Featuring Cat in Black!

Legendary comic book writer Chuck Dixon, the creator of Bane, launched an IndieGoGo for the Golden Age revival of Thrilling Comics: Murder and Mayhem.

Thrilling Comics: Murder and Mayhem features three different Golden Age stories inspired by the heroes of the 1940s. The book will be delivered in a 72-page graphic novel format. Joining Chuck Dixon in crafting these stories is David Furr, Preston Avesedo, Joseph Olesco, and Clint Stoker.

‘Twice the Terror

In the first story, David Furr teams up with Preston Avesedo for ‘Twice the Terror featuring Black Terror.

Black Terror has been dead for a number of years. But he has now returned and is terrorizing the city he once swore to protect. The only one who can stop him is the Black Tower. The mystery of the two Black Terrors unfolds in ‘Twice the Terror!

Murder in Turnaround

In the second story, Dixon will be teaming with artist Joseph Olesco on a Cat in Black story titled “Murder in Turnaround!”

Actress Linda Allen just landed her dream role as the superhero Cat in Black. However, after she arrives on set, the film crew are murdered one-by-one. Fiction begins to blur into reality and Linda might just be the next target. In order to get to the bottom of this mystery and stop the killer she will have to become the real Cat in Black.

Precious Metals

The third and final story comes from Clint Stoker and Preston Avesedo.

Precious Metals sees the superhero Silver Streak tracking down a criminal cult obsessed with silver. The twist is that Silver Streak just rose from the grave a few weeks ago.

As he tracks down this criminal cult, he’s old life comes back to haunt him. His newfound superpowers that include speed and strength will be put to the test as a new enemy might just take advantage of his fragile psyche.


Thrilling Comics: Murder and Mayhem has a number of options for backers to support. The main issue costs $20. However, you can also purchase a painted variant for $25.

Other options include signed covers by writers Chuck Dixon, David Furr, and Clint Stoker as well as by artist Preston Avesedo and colorists Gerilous Smith and Shannon Smith.

There’s also options that include signed limited edition print by Ben Dunn.

One option includes original art on a 19×24 page by Preston Avesedo.

Stretch Goals

The campaign also has a number of stretch goals.

At $15,000, they will add a number of new perks.

At $20,000, a new 24 page story written by Von Klaus featuring Black Terror will be added to the graphic novel bring the page count to 96.

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At $40,000, a new 24 page story by Shannon Smith and Dell Barras starring the Heap will be added to the graphic novel bringing the page count to 120.

The campaign has currently raised $3,705 from 75 backers. It’s aiming to raise $11,000.

You can back the IndieGoGo right here.

Do you plan on backing Thrilling Comics: Murder and Mayhem?

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