No one quite knows what happened to Fortnite. Season 10 ended Sunday. Literally.

An explosive cosmic event happened in-game, and suddenly the game is unplayable.

Normally, an event ending rolled into the next season.  Everyone assumed Season 11 would begin following the end of Season 10.

Instead, the game is now literally a spinning black hole. That’s all that’s left.

Similar to season 4, the event started off with a rocket launching into the sky and exploding to create rifts.

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In the earlier event, the rocket went out of one rift into another. This time, there were several more rockets. The ships then flew around into multiple rifts again and again until they all entered one rift.

After a moment of calm, the rockets appeared above the meteor over Dusty Depot.

They entered another rift below the meteor. More rockets would appear and then slam into this final rift, which caused it to grow.

The meteor that was frozen over Dusty Depot throughout season 10 began to move, and then it also disappeared into the large rift. Then, the meteor and rockets were gone for a moment.

Shortly after, the music of the event began to change and far above the island was one giant rift.

Players were pulled into the air, floating uncontrollably. Finally, out of the rift, six ships and the S10 meteor reappeared.

The rockets flew off in different directions while the meteor crashed into the singularity located at Loot Lake.

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The dome surrounding the area attempted to shield the island, but failed as the meteor finally smashed into the island with a huge impact.

The resulting explosion began sucking in everything, including the island, the Battle Bus, and even the players.

Everything was gone. Now, all that is left is a black hole.

Currently, this is all that is left of Fortnite’s Twitter:

All it shows is the black hole. It appears this is the case across all other Fortnite social media as well.

In addition, it looks like Fortnite has deleted all their previous Tweets.

The Fortnite Twitch channel has a live stream of the black hole spinning.

Is this the end of the game? Is a sequel coming? Is season 11 coming? Nobody has any answers.

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Some viewers have noticed numbers sometimes appearing out of the black hole.

So far, the numbers are: 11, 146, 15, 62, 87, 14, 106, 2 and 150.

The end of Fortnite certainly has the gaming world talking.

Elon Musk even had a little fun with it via Twitter:

What do you think this means, Fortnite players? Is a sequel on its way or another season? Comment below.

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