Science-fiction and fantasy publisher Baen Books became the target of a peculiar outrage mob that criticized the publisher for publishing a sci-fi anthology humorously featuring the works of authors named ‘David’ on the grounds that the anthology was not diverse enough.

On October 16th, Baen Books announced The Chronicles of Davids, “an anthology by people named David” which promised to feature “Maximum Dave” and assured readers that “with a name like “David,” it has to be good!”:

Baen Books Gets Mobbed

In a bizarre turn of events, Baen Books was soon descended upon by a handful of social justice-focused users who criticized the anthology for its lack of diversity:

In the midst of the outrage, Baen Books Assistant Editor Christopher Ruocchio stepped in to defend the publication against its detractors, asking if “you only crawl out of your pits when you have something negative to say?”:

Ruocchio Tells His Critics Where to Go

Ruocchio expanded on his criticisms in a separate thread, stating that The Chronicles of David is “just a cute little anthology” before ultimately telling his critics to “get a f–king grip.”:

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