A new rumor indicates Disney and Lucasfilm are remaking almost all of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The rumor comes from YouTuber Doomcock.

Doomcock details the rumor he received from his source:

“I have Star Wars info, they are still shooting. They were having to remake almost the whole movie as what they tested as the movie was a complete pile of flopping shit.”

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Doomcock adds:

“This is not some kind of casual 2 week reshoot. This is almost a 75% remake. They shot the thing so there were 6 possible main edits. And even then there was no way to put it together that would not have flopped.”

He continues:

“Jar Jar Abrams said this film will not please everyone. Disney flipped out and said this film has to please everyone and redo it until it does. If they can not get it to perform in tests, this is the end of this particular reboot.”

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Doomcock adds that his source tells him that they have “Solo’d” the film in reference to the massive reshoots that Solo: A Star Wars Story had.

As to what the problem with the film might be, Doomcock’s source speculates, “I suspect this movie is having problems with trying to force to much plot into the film and now they may have the problem that they are having to consider splitting this thing into two movies.”

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As to what some of these plot details could be, Doomcock explains what his source told him:

“Apparently Rey could raise both a Death Star and the dead by the end of the film.”

Doomcock does not discount the idea of Rey raising the dead because he believes Star Wars and Lucasfilm will attempt to put Luke, Leia, and Han Solo on screen together.

While Doomcock believes the idea of reshooting 75% of the movie a little over 2 months from release date seems impossible he does recount the story of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

“Star Trek: The Motion Picture was rushed to its premiere with wet prints that had just been struck. It came down to the wire; that bad a wire on Star Trek: The Motion Picture.”

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He then adds, “The other little bit of evidentiary support for this notion is the fact that we were promised the Star Wars trailer was going to break and then it didn’t. Wouldn’t the reason for a Star Wars trailer being held up and not breaking be that they don’t know still what the f****** movie will be.”

Doomcock then details that another source tells him, “Disney realizes or fears at least that they have devalued the Star Wars brand. They have also according to this other changed the direction of the film substantially.”

He adds, “This source also claims they are trying to make a movie in the editing bay at this juncture.”

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Previous rumors have indicated that Rey would obtain healing powers.

Making Star Wars noted that Rey would gain a new ability that would allow her to “heal or even rejuvenate life.”

They explained:

“Rey and crew do get attacked by a sandworm alien, which reveals an inexplicable new super power Rey possess: the power to heal or even rejuvenate life. The heroes battle the creature and almost kill the worm and then she uses her powers to repair, or heal, or even bring it back to life.”

This rumor was backed up by Reddit leaker Jedi Paxis:

“The only other part where my info differs is that I was told that instead of our heroes almost killing the worm, the worm basically has our heroes backed into a metaphorical corner and the healing is what allows them to survive and escape. The main story beat is the same, but some of the details panning out one way vs the other has slightly different implications on Rey’s character. Yours makes it sound like it was an act done from a place of power and out of pity while mine implies compassion in the face of danger.”

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As for the idea of Rey raising the Death Star, that was a theory that circulated back in August from Disney Star Wars is Dumb that was inspired by a concept art from The Force Awakens that shows a Death Star rising up out of the desert of Jakku.

Rumors have also been swirling regarding multiple endings from people other than Doomcock.

Most recently former StarWars.com contributor Jordan Maison detailed that there were up to 8 different endings for the film.

What do you make of this new rumor? Do you think there is any way that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker could turn out well if this rumor ends up being true?

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