Joker’s box office is leading Warner Bros. to contemplate what dark and mature content they can adapt next, especially among Batman-related properties. That being the case, a live-action version of something fans are clamoring for might get the green light with a blockbuster legacy in a key role.

Sources spilled to We Got This Covered a live Batman Beyond movie could be in the offing and Michael Keaton would star as old, retired Bruce Wayne. Currently, this is strictly hearsay and things could change at any time, so keep the usual grains of salt handy.

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Keaton is, of course, known for his turns as Batman in two straight movies directed by Tim Burton, which was 30 years ago as of 2019. Moreover, the animated Batman Beyond series is 20 years old now.

Michael Keaton Batman

Beyond the Call

Viewers of the cartoon will recall Batman Beyond takes place in the future when Terry McGinnis steals, then inherits, a hi-tech Batsuit to avenge his father and fight crime.

Bruce hung up the cowl for good when a heart scare caused a desperate grab and brandishing of a firearm to scare off a crook holding hostages. Years later, the turmoil of Gotham becomes too much for him to ignore so he takes Terry under his proverbial leather wing.

Batman Beyond only had three seasons and one feature film to its name – Return of the Joker – but Terry showed up in Justice League Unlimited many times. Comics with McGinnis followed and, overall, the character and premise have never faded from memory.

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Nothing New Under a Bat in the Sun

WB higher-ups might be listening to Kevin Smith’s podcast. On a January episode of the clever and fittingly dubbed Fatman Beyond, Smith and his co-host Marc Bernardin reached the conclusion Keaton reprising the role of Bruce Wayne at his age is a “f****** amazing” idea.

Smith and several outlets think a Batman Beyond feature that sees the return of Michael Keaton to the Batcave would make a billion dollars easily.

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Also back in January, an animated feature was reported as in development at Warner Animation. Thought to occupy a vacant DC slot, it was slated for a 2022 theatrical release and would’ve been Warner’s answer to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The report was just another unconfirmed rumor that turned out to be false but it still managed to get the attention of the voice of Terry McGinnis, Will Friedle. He made it clear he’d like to step behind a microphone for Batman Beyond again.

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What do you think of the idea of a Batman Beyond live-action movie? Would you like to see Michael Keaton step in again as Bruce Wayne? Let us know down below.