Crisis on Infinite Earth Set Photos Reveal Epic Battle Scene with Superman and Anti-Monitor

The monumental and pivotal crossover event of the Arrowverse, Crisis on Infinite Earths, is filming now and bringing together all corners of continuity. Lined up is a big fight sequence with all the heroes, including Superman, in combat against the reality-destroying Anti-Monitor.

Photos, GIFs, and videos from the set surfaced on social media and they show a stunt scene that will feature visual effects being shot on a rainy day. Stunt doubles are standing in for the regular actors as their characters charge the Anti-Monitor.

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YVR Filming posted on Twitter a GIF of the stunt people in a “Super” wide shot doing wirework. At the point in filming, the heroes get hit with a pulse blast by the nefarious interdimensional being. Taking the hit and fighting Anti-Monitor are Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), Supergirl, Alex Danvers, Batwoman, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Spartan, Flash, Dreamer, and Wild Dog.

ThemysciraBound quoted YVR’s tweeted and added a video of the same shot from another, closer angle.

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ThemysciraBound then posted a still of the actors running, revealing White Canary is also there but not pictured, and writes the “scene is going to be AMAZING!!!” when finished.

White Canary does appear in a wide shot meant to highlight stuntwoman Jennifer Clarke who doubles for Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. ThemysciraBound provides a close-up of Clarke.

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It is remarked again and again in the thread how rainy and “crummy” the weather is, punctuated by an image of Dreamer, Wild Dog, Anti-Monitor and two production assistants. Everybody gets a hood or an umbrella except a fully made up Anti-Monitor (guess he doesn’t need one being extradimensional and all-powerful).

One more tweet has four images from different angles of the Arrowverse heroes assembled in their confrontation with Anti-Monitor.

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CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths airs in December. It will bring together multiple facets of DC TV and film continuity together for the first time. There will be cameos galore.

Confirmed are Tom Welling and Erica Durance, Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne, Burt Ward, Ashley Scott as Huntress, and Brandon Routh in what some report is his last hurrah as Superman (playing the Kingdom Come version).

There are rumors that Lynda Carter could reprise her role as Wonder Woman.

Michael Rosenbaum was rumored for an appearance, reprising his role as Smallville’s Lex Luthor. He reacted to that news and made it clear he wasn’t contacted. By the time he was, it was inconvenient for him and his family and the offer was meagerly last-minute so he passed on it.

What do you think of the peek behind the scenes? Are you excited for the battle sequence and Crisis on CW? Leave a comment.

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