Supernatural’s younger Winchester, Jared Padalecki, was arrested on Sunday for Assault and Public Intoxication outside the club Stereotype. The star, best known for his portrayal of Sam Winchester aka Moose, was taken into custody early Sunday morning according to TMZ.

The actor, according to eyewitnesses, hit a bartender in the face while he was inside of the club. It is also claimed that he may have struck the general manager as well.

According to an affidavit obtained by Austin Eater, the actor got into an argument with a group of people inside the club. Stereotype’s assistant manager Ian then detailed the confrontation became “physical.” Padalecki was then escorted out of the building. While he was being escorted out, he got into an argument with the assistant manager and reportedly struck him in the face twice.

Padalecki also attempted to re-enter the bar, but Tyler, the general manager prevented him from doing so. Austin Eater reports Tyler was attempting to separate Padalecki from the doorman and prevent him from re-entering the club. As he was attempting to keep Padalecki from re-entering, Padalecki reportedly fell down, got back up, and then punched Tyler above his left eye.

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In video obtained by TMZ, a friend of Padalecki appears to attempt to calm the Supernatural star down outside of the club, but the two began grappling with each other, and Padalecki put his friend in a headlock.

According to the affidavit, eyewitnesses describe the Supernatural star as the antagonist. A Stereotype staffer named Dan stated, Padalecki was “the antagonist one hundred percent.”

To make matters worse in another video from TMZ  it appears that the actor pulls out a wad of money as he is being confronted by the responding police officers.

After being arrested, Padalecki was released on a $15,000 bond, which came out to $5,000 per charge. Neither Padalecki nor his representatives have commented on the arrest.

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Padalecki isn’t a stranger to the club. At the very least he’s a frequent guest to the establishment even promoting the club on his own social media channels.

This has lead some to speculate that the actor might be an investor in the establishment. The affidavit obtained by Austin Eater indicated the bar’s general manager referred to Padalecki as the owner. However, Austin American-Statesman reporter Ryan Autullo indicated Padalecki is an investor.

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The actor is currently in the middle of filming the final season of Supernatural. According to TVLine, production will not be affected by his arrest. He has since retained a defense attorney to deal with this arrest.

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