Justice League Dark, a movie about a DC Comics team dabbling in magic and the arcane, long believed to be in development only to hit interminable speed bumps in the process, could be back on.

“Twitter scooper” Daniel Richtman, or DanielRPK, claims the Justice League Dark movie is “back on the table” now that Swamp Thing’s DC Universe series is a memory. Richtman posted the rumor on his Patreon.

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A screenshot provided by twitter user Agent Blackdale reads, “It seems Justice League Dark movie is back on the table.”

Draining the Swamp

As Cosmic Book News notes, a live-action Justice League Dark keeps the door open for the return of Swamp Thing to our screens, big and small. A new solo feature serving to revive the Green’s avatar is also rumored.

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Swamp Thing on DC Universe was canceled due to what’s believed to be budgetary concerns. They were brought on by AT&T’s hack-and-slash policy for taking care of perceived weeds in their portfolio.

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Warner Simply Not “Whelmed” Enough

The last anyone heard about Justice League Dark was mid-2017 when Warner Bros., “underwhelmed” by a variety of pitches straight from prospective directors, decided to go back to the drawing board and rework the script.

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That same year, Doug Liman left the project after filling the void of Guillermo Del Toro. Liman said the script was not in a “place that was special enough” to proceed. Del Toro was the frontman for the production when it was titled Dark Universe, but departed in 2015 to work on Pacific Rim Uprising; he didn’t wind up directing that either.

All Things Are Better Animated

Justice League Dark got an animated feature film, also in 2017, seeing Batman put together a team to deal with the preternatural menace of Destiny and the Dreamstone. Joining the quest were John Constantine, Zatanna, Jason Blood, his better half the Demon Etrigan, Deadman, Black Orchid, and Swamp Thing.

A sequel – Justice League Dark: Apokolips War – was announced in July as part of Warner Bros. Animation’s 2020 DC slate spearheaded by Superman: Red Son.

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In comics, first published in 2011, the team typically consisted of Constantine, Zatanna, and Swampy, but also Madame Xanadu, Deadman, The Shade, and Changing Man. Later on, Wonder Woman would join the team for The Witching Hour saga, in particular.

Want to see a live-action Justice League Dark film? Possibly under Warner’s proposed DC Black banner? Leave a thought in the comments.

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