MGM Shuts Down Stargate Command – Joseph Mallozzi Reacts

MGM announced they are shutting down Stargate Command, the official streaming platform for the Stargate franchise.

In a post on Stargate Command, they announced the service would be available through the end of the year, officially shuttering on December 31st at 12 PM PT. They will shut down the Stargate Command apps as well as the website.

However, not all of Stargate Command’s features will be entirely done away with. They announced they will be “transitioning much of our Stargate Command content to YouTube.”

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That content includes “shows like Dialing Home and Recon, which were previously only available to All-Access Pass holders.” They note these shows will become available on YouTube “without charge beginning in 2020.”

In a good faith gesture, they recently released a brand new interview with Brad Wright on their YouTube channel.

For members who had purchased an All-Access Pass that extended into 2020, MGM promises they will be refunded.

Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe writer and executive producer Joseph Mallozzi reacted to the news on his blog stating, “The big picture offers a more positive message.”

He specifically notes the content will be free and available worldwide.

While MGM will not be moving full episodes of past Stargate shows to YouTube, Malozzi believes it will find a home on a streaming platform.

He also believes the future for the franchise and a new Stargate show is bright.

“Stargate is one of MGM’s flagship assets, its most popular television franchise, and, as I’ve been saying for a while now, it’s not a matter of IF we get a new Stargate series, but WHEN.”

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And he hints that he would definitely be available to return to Stargate and help run a new show.

“They could entrust a new series to someone who created, wrote. produced, and oversaw 17 glorious years of Stargate – who has enough television savvy to create a new series that serves as a jumping on point for new viewers while, simultaneously, honoring what has come before. In short, a win-win that makes so much sense that my head hurts trying to imagine why it wouldn’t make sense to anyone else.”

What do you make of this announcement that MGM is shutting down Stargate Command? What streaming platform do you want to see the Stargate shows on in the future? Are you excited for a possible new Stargate show?

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