Kotaku’s News Editor Jason Schreier attacked World of Warcraft vanilla team lead Mark Kern describing him as “an alt-right troll.”

Schreier’s attack comes after Kern commented on an alleged 4Chan leak.

Kern wrote on Twitter, “Months ago, many people sent me this anon post predicting Blizzard internal going ons. I said it sounded right, but was put in a negative light. I also said none of it has come true yet and we need to wait. Looks like it’s coming true.”

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That post would be tweeted out by Sabi who writes for the Spiel Times and Nintendo Soup. Sabi commented:

“I’m confused. I sure don’t like blizzard, but Jason Schirer (sp?) leaked OW2 and Diablo 4 almost two entire weeks before this 4chan post. What has the 4chan post had confirmed that wasn’t already public knowledge thanks to kotaku?”

That’s when Schreier responded. He wrote, “Yeah I can confirm that the 4chan post is fake (and Mark Kern is an alt-right troll, never worth giving attention).”

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Mark Kern Responds

Kern fired back describing Schreier as “Jason Cryer.” He wrote:

“A lot of journalists, like Jason Cryer, use block lists that block huge swaths of gamers. This means they only see half the information out there. How can any journalists report accurately or form opinions with a blindfold on? Avoid those types for your news.”

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He wouldn’t stop there. He also added, “My if Jason cryer didn’t attack people falsely and unprovoked, he would need to block less.”

Another user asked Kern the million-dollar question, why did Jason Schreier call him alt-right, implying that he was a racist? Kern retorted that a “professional journalist” such as Schreier wasn’t in need of facts.

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Kern is not the only prominent figure in the video game industry that Schreier has attacked. Last October he attacked Jeremy Hambly aka The Quartering calling him “alt-right” as well.

Seeing a news editor attack a game creator due to his personal politics, especially unprovoked does wonders to explain why there seems to be a gap of respect between gamers, and game “journalists.” What do you think of how this unfolded?

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