Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic Audience Score for Terminator: Dark Fate Revealed

The Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic audience scores for Terminator: Dark Fate starring Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been revealed.

Rotten Tomatoes

The Rotten Tomatoes all audience score sits at 75% with an average rating of 3.81 from 8,578 reviews.

However, the Verified audience score sits at 85% with an average rating of 4.22 from 4,950 reviews.

Here’s what viewers are saying about the film:

Deborah G. gives the film a 4 star rating. She writes, “I liked the updating of the female character, i.e. it wasn’t her son that would be the savior but herself. Still love Hamilton’s delts. She was a cut 63-year old I can aspire to.”

Jesus Sandoval gives the film 5 stars. He writes, “great movie , story is great , good movie from the being to the end , love it.”

Ivanz T gives the film 2 stars. They write, “It was great first half, then I noticed the movie was becoming dark and dark (evening setting). I fell asleep few times. Will I want to see it again when it’s out on dvd? Unfortunately No. T1 and T2 are my favourites of all time.”

Todd M gave the film a 1 and a half stars. They write, “This story changes everything about the original premise. And probably did the entire franchise in. Its a reboot that completely turns the story on its head. And does such a poor job that its laughable.”

Daniel W gives the film 2 stars. He writes, “15m ago

I feel it was on the same tier as Terminator 3. It had a good a good idea with the story just bad exacution. Also, they went full political in the casting and they also threw it into the story at times. I fell like it took away from the story a little just to tell the audience that the women were strong. We all know that Sarah Connor is a bad a, we don’t need to be told that.”

James gives the film 1 star. He writes, “they really screwed this one up. i did not like they tried to cater to different ethnicities and gender. why are movies trying to change things, to cater to people and ruining plot lines. overall the movie was somewhat entertaining, but there were points when i did not want to continue watching it. the second the lights came on, i walked out quickly. told others that it was not a good movie. its unfortunate because the terminator franchise was something very special, sucks to see it end on a low note. they should have just left it alone and not try to squeeze more money out of it. please no more terminator movies.”

Peter R gives the film 4.5 stars. He writes, “Great action, new twists &special effects makes for a fun new Terminator.”

Cordell F gives the film 4 stars. They write, “Well done. I like the spin on the old story. Lots of action from start to finish. I’m pleased.”

Kindra G gives the film 3 stars. They write, “While the movie was very enjoyable and reminiscent in many ways of the originals, there were one or two major holes in the story that didn’t make sense. For instance, the movie pretends as if Genesis never happened. Anything else would be giving it away, but there are several parts that are under-explained and don’t make clear sense.”

Damian D gives the film 4 stars. He writes, “entertaining, if over the top action. Arnie as always shines as the Terminator, bringing his usual humour to the robotic role and having Linda Hamilton back is great. Shame it seems to have done poorly at the box office.”


The Metacritic audience score is wildly different from the Rotten Tomatoes audience. The User Score on Metacritic sits at 3.9 from 264 reviews. There are 79 positive reviews, 42 mixed, and 143 negative reviews.

Here’s what audience reviewers are saying on Metacritic:

Hermandup gives the film a 1. They write, “Really bad movie, unbelievable acting, bad casting, weak plot, obvious mistakes. Good effects though.”

DavidArkham gives the film a 0. They write, “The storyline completely broken. Genesis is no longer the worst movie in the franchise.”

Alberto45 gives the film a 1. They write, “Happy to see Linda Hamilthon again, but i’ve really don’t like the story. I don’t understand how it can be in Terminator timeline.”

Ivan_terrible gives the film a 6. They write, “I followed terminator movies until genisys. This one really is destroying the legacy of T1 and T2. Everything is rebooted into alternate reality like. I would prefer T3 and T5 than ‘dark fate’ honestly. The actions are adequate and storyline is mediocore. It’s hard to enjoy ‘dark fate’ after what happened to the first 5 mins which really blow, upsetting, bitter and made the rest of the movie felt bland. Fortunately, the presence of Sarah Connor and T800 made me stay and keep watching. A man who sit not far from me fall asleep and snored after 1 hour. Is it really that bad?”

LimestoneButter gives the film a 5. They write, “Another soulless sequel to a beloved franchise, but it’s not that bad. Quite entertaining, but that’s the only thing going for the movie. A muddled plot with several holes, mediocre CGI, etc. Better than Genisys, but that’s not saying much. Not worthy of the Terminator name.”

Berney2020 gave the film a 4. They write, “Mediocre at best prime example of what’s wrong with movie’s in 2019 bland with a absurd plot.”

PowerLord gave the film a 2. They write, “Saw it tonight with some friends is trash. I wanted to like it but could not is so dumb. Natalia Reyes was horrible looked like a child with a gun badly cast. The terminator was blah there are a few cool moments but nope this is not our terminator.”

PragnorVorn gave the film a 2. They write, “I have an idea, let’s make a movie, keep the plot the same as 4 out of 5 of the past previous movies, and gender swap the main characters. What could go wrong?! No spoilers here as we all know the plot (its in the trailers), robot comes from future to kill hero before they can save the world, send good guy back to stop the bad robot… THINK OF SOMETHING ORIGINAL FFS!!! T1 was the best because it was original, T2 was great because it flipped the script, T3, T5 and T6 are cash grabs that can’t think of anything new! T4 tried to do something a little new but still relied too much on star power and not enough on good characters. Character development is what’s wrong with Hollywood today, they don’t know how to write good characters and fall into tired old tropes.”

Solomonster54 gives the film a 7. They write, “While it doesn’t measure up to the first two films, it’s still a solid action film worth seeing. It’s a return to form for the franchise.”

Oldschoolboy03 gives the film a 10. They write, “if they gave more 8 to the black panther trash and avengers end game and this without being better than the original terminators but much better and more entertaining than the **** that disney has accustomed us”

ryanjhan gives the film a 7. They write, “tbh i dont understand why u guys r hating so much. Arnie was hilarious and uplifted the movie, Linda Hamilton was great, and the two new female protagonists were pretty likeable, i though Mackenzie Davis was good. The start of the movie really **** sucks (you’ll see why), but after that the action is great, the new terminator actually feels like a threat, and the chemistry is good. You guys should watch.”

Did you see Terminator: Dark Fate? What did you make of the film?


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