Captain America Gets a New Name in Marvel’s Realm of Champions

Captain America will be getting a new name in Kabam’s upcoming mobile game Marvel’s Realm of Champions.

The game, which appears to be set in an alternate universe, will see Captain America go by the name of Civil Warrior. Civil Warrior was a playable character introduced in Kabam’s Contest of Champions.

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Not only will the game give Captain America a new name, but his origin story is also altered.

Instead of Dr. Erskine being shot and killed while Steve Rogers was injected with the super soldier serum, Howard Stark is the one who is killed. This results in S.S.R. focusing more on Erskine’s super soldier serum instead of Stark’s technological developments.  In fact, Erskine provides a number of The Howling Commandos with the super soldier serum. Instead of technological advances they rely on manpower.

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However, that manpower was not enough when they were thrown into Battleworld and confronted by the mad dictator Maestro. Rogers would lead the charge against Maestro using armor crafted from Howard Stark’s leftover plans. With his new armor, he called himself Civil Warrior and led a rebellion against Maestro.

Maestro would strike down Civil Warrior and scatter his rebellious forces. Those who did not scatter, would face a much harsher punishment. Maestro froze everyone who retreated to their base, known simply as the Patriot Garrison, in time.

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With the death of Maestro, the Patriot Garrison now marches again, but this time with a new leader, President Peggy Carter.

Not only is Peggy Carter the President of the Patriot Garrison, but she has also received the super serum injection in order to save her life. During the Serum Wars, Carter was injured and on the verge of death. In order to save her life she was given the super serum injection. While the injection saved her life, she would still lose an eye.

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The goals of the Patriot Garrison are to be a hope for the populace as well as be a force of justice. However, there are dark corners of the Patriot Garrison that seek their own power and have a thirst for expansion. They will have their hands full and their moral strength will be tested as the House of Iron expands.

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