Anas Abdin shared a threatening letter he received demanding he drop his appeal against CBS and Star Trek: Discovery.

In a Tweet this morning, Anas shared with his followers a threatening letter with a homophobic message.

According to Anas, he received the letter after his mailing address was included in court documents.

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Abdin wrote, “My mailing address is mentioned in the court documents. Someone creative paid handsomely to deliver this single page to me…”

You can see the tweet below.

Many on Anas’s Twitter thread show support to the indie creator by urging him to keep pushing forward and not allowing the threats to get him down.

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Anas is no stranger to being threatened for pursuing his lawsuit against CBS and Star Trek: Discovery.

Back in October, Anas announced he had filed an appeal in his case against CBS and Star Trek: Discovery and thanked YouTuber Gary Buechler of Nerdrotic for helping him set up a GoFundMe to help pay for legal fees.

Following that tweet, Abdin received at least one death threat where an individual shared a photoshopped image of Abdin’s Twitter profile image being strung up with a noose.

Others weren’t as aggressive, but claimed Abdin was being taken advantage of by “outrage merchants.”

What do you think of this latest attack against Anas Abdin? And what will be the outcome for the Trek community?

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