A number of Pokemon fans are not happy after an alleged Pokemon Sword & Shield leak revealed that over half of all Pokemon are not included in the game.

The Pokemon Sword & Shield leak was collected on ResetEra, where it revealed the full Galar region Pokedex that reportedly includes 400 Pokemon excluding Mythic Pokemon and the 81 new species found in Galar including the 13 Galarian forms of older Pokemon.

You can see all the new Galar Pokemon and their evolutions below.

Despite having 400 Pokemon in its Pokedex, CCN reports “there are 478 cut Pokemon if you count all of the evolved forms.” And there are a number of fan-favorite Pokemon that did not make the cut including Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Houndour.

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You can see the alleged list of Pokemon who didn’t make the cut below. Those in white boxes will reportedly not be in the game, while those with green boxes will be included.

Fans were not happy with over half of the full Pokedex not included in the game.

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Even popular YouTuber YongYea expressed shock about the small Pokedex size for Pokemon Sword & Shield.

YongYea states, “I did not anticipate the cuts would be this extensive. For me, my level of investment in Pokemon it’s not a huge deal if a few Pokemon get cut, but I just didn’t expect that over half of them would not appear in this game. And yea, I don’t know how to feel about that.”

He adds, “This is just a lot worse than many people expected.” He continues, “I’m casual enough of a fan that as long as there is still a decent variety of Pokemon, there is like still 400ish of them maybe, almost 400 to look forward to in this game. That’s still a sizable amount. So, I don’t get a sense that this will ruin the game per say.”

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In an interview with Polygon, Pokemon Sword & Shield producer Junichi Masuda spoke about the smaller Pokedex in the game noting they wanted to prioritize gameplay ideas.

“I mean, in any design situation, resources and time are always a constraint on what you can do in a project. But at the same time from a creative perspective, it’s part of a discussion we’ve had at Game Freak with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, and we came to the decision that, at some point, we need to be able to prioritize new gameplay ideas. We need to be able to find a way to balance the right number of Pokémon and also still introduce new ways for players to enjoy the game, new gameplay ideas to keep the series fresh and enjoyable far into the future.”

Pokemon Sword & Shield will have Gigantamax Pokemon, a Galar Beginnings competition, brand-new items, new techniques for training Pokemon, easy access to Pokemon boxes, pass down moves through breeding,

You will also be able to set-up an in-game camp where you “can cook curry, play with your Pokemon, and rest up for the journey ahead.”

Pokemon Sword & Shield releases on Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

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