Former Director of Operations for the A-Kon anime convention and self-professed journalist Shane Holmberg was recently denied his request to purchase a billboard ad space with the intent of displaying an animated gif labelling Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice actor Vic Mignogna as a ‘sexual predator.’

On November 11th, multiple Twitter users engaged in a discussion about various aspects of Mignogna’s case with T. Greg Doucette, an attorney and vocal KickVic supporter. As the conversation turned to the topic of whether labeling Mignogna as a sexual predator qualified as defamation, Doucette stated that “it’s not defamation when it’s true.”

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Doucette’s position was supported by his followers, including user Tyler Wolff who stated that one could purchase a billboard advertisement that read “Vic Mignogna: Sexual Predator” and that “there’s not a damn thing he or his lawyers could do about it.”

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In response to Wolff’s comments, Holmberg replied that he had found a billboard advertising firm, Blip Billboards, which offered campaigns that allowed one to “set your own daily budget.”

He then shared a screenshot showing that he had submitted a campaign featuring an animated GIF labeling Mignogna a “sexual predator” and that it was “under review.”

Journalist Shane Holmberg Denied Attempt to Run Billboard Campaign Labeling Vic Mignogna as a ‘Sexual Predator’

Holmberg states that he had set his budget at $5 USD a day and noted that he hoped “the word gets out” as a result of this campaign:

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However, after the campaign was brought to the attention of Blip Billboards, the agency ultimately stated that Holmberg’s “ad will not be approved.”