Netflix’s She-Ra Voice Actor Jacob Tobia Praises Villain For Using Alphabet People Approved Pronouns

Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is currently on its fourth season and has been a poster child of CalArts and progressive values. Now one of the show’s newest voice actors is praising a villain for using a non-binary pronoun for a shapeshifter.

In an interview with the LA Times voice actor Jacob Tobia discussed his role as Double Trouble.

“Double Trouble is just a mischievous little chaotic being that causes all kinds of trouble for basically everybody.”

The actor adds, “They’re fearless and deeply in touch with their own power and aren’t scared of pretty much anyone in Etheria.”

Tobia goes on to detail that the character is nonbinary, “The beauty of this series is that Double Trouble joining as a nonbinary character in Season 4 is not out of nowhere.”

The Double Trouble actor continues, “They’re coming into a world that has been flexing with gender norms and creating a more expansive understanding of gender from the get-go. From the pilot of this series, gender does not work in the same restrictive ways we’re used to it working.”

Tobia then praises the show and specifically a scene involving the villain Hordak, who refers to Double Trouble as “they.”

“The thing that was really gratifying in a very surprising way for me is a scene where Hordak talks about Double Trouble and just says ‘they’ effortlessly, with no thought, and just uses gender-neutral pronouns.”

The voice actor adds, “Even the most evil person on the planet doesn’t misgender people, because that would be rude. There’s something really cool about that.”

Tobia concluded, “Also, if Hordak can use they/them pronouns appropriately, I think anyone can. Do you really want to be worse than Hordak by misgendering nonbinary people? No, you don’t.”

Tobia also explains that She-Ra is created for an audience of Generation Z that already believes “gender is a spectrum.”

“‘She-Ra’ is built for a generation that doesn’t need that kind of education in the same way anymore. Young people in Generation Z know who nonbinary people are, they know what they/them pronouns are. They know that gender is a spectrum, not a binary. They already know this.”

Apparently, if you don’t use the correct pronouns then you’re worse then the worst villain in this world view. Or maybe the villains are the heroes in an upside down world?

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is currently on its fourth season on Netflix.


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