Robert Pattinson is readying himself for the role of a lifetime as the title character in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. He’s returning to big-budget franchises for the first time since the Twilight series, doing so because he found a challenging character. Pattinson makes no secret how flawed and complex he thinks Batman truly is, leading to some surprising comments from the actor lately regarding his part.

The latest came in an edition of Actors on Actors from Variety. Pattinson sat down with Jennifer Lopez and discussed what drew him to the Dark Knight. He stated he thinks of the character as disturbed and struggling with whether “he’s that great or not,” which interests the Lighthouse actor.

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Lopez replied Pattinson will make an “awesome Batman” because of his dark and brooding nature, traits Pattinson is typically attracted by when choosing roles:

“I think you’ll be a great Batman. An awesome Batman! Seriously, because he’s a dark character.”

Pattinson reacted to Lopez’s comment, saying, “Thanks a lot. You too.”

Intrigued, Lopez said in return, “Huh?” Pattinson then stated again, “You would be as well.”

Lopez seemingly in shock responds, “I could be Batman too? I can be Batman. Why not?!”

Why not? Let’s be realistic. Batwoman, Catwoman, or Renee Montoya as The Question? Maybe. Batman? Objectively, not as much.

While Lopez is used to darker material by now – from The Cell to this year’s thriller Hustlers – a line should be drawn unless she is one of the other characters posing as Batman to throw off Gotham’s criminals in a subplot. We’ve seen that before but it’s not the same thing.

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Pattinson Says the Darndest Things

Pattinson has been saying odd things related to Batman since he first opened up about nabbing the role back in May. He confessed to Googling himself on a plane for an hour to find out what the press was saying about him. The whole time he was sitting next to director Christopher McQuarrie.

Asked one other time by The New York Times what it was that made him want to play a superhero, the Twilight heartthrob remarked he doesn’t view Batman as a hero. To Pattinson, Batman’s a “complicated” guy with “a morality” that’s “a little bit off.”

“He’s not the golden boy, unlike almost every other comic-book character,” said Pattinson.

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Teasing what his voice will be like as the Caped Crusader, he told Access Hollywood he believes Batman has “a sort of piratey kind of voice,” and his Lighthouse costar’s performance in the Robert Eggers film will influence him.

That sounds bad, but Christian Bale’s oft-parodied voice in The Dark Knight won people over, eventually.

The Batman releases on June 25, 2021. Confirmed to star are Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, and Jeffrey Wright.

How do you feel about Pattinson’s latest comments? Does he have a point when it comes to Lopez? Leave a comment.

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