Jason Momoa as Aquaman is inextricably linked with Batman. Or, at least, he was when Ben Affleck was in the role and Zack Snyder was responsible for the character. Justice League is the last time we saw them on screen together and that might be the last time according to Momoa.

Talking with Entertainment Tonight to promote his new Apple TV+ series, See, Momoa was asked about Robert Pattinson and The Batman which will also star his stepdaughter Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman. He remarked her casting is “perfect” and that she will “kill it.”

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Here is the full interview. Also present is Momoa’s See costar Alfre Woodard.

Of Pattinson, he said the new Bruce Wayne is “a good man,” a “great actor” and added he is stoked and excited to see how it goes.

When asked if there could be a crossover or team-up, he admitted he is skeptical. Though he called the idea awesome, he thinks it would be better if the two franchises remain separate and stand on their own:

“I mean it would be awesome but I don’t think it’s going that way. Let’s just let them do their thing and I’m gonna do my thing.”

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It sounds more official than ever the DC Extended Universe is heading down a new direction. Chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures Toby Emmerich and producer Peter Safran both teased this at different times this year.

Emmerich said it’s all about directors and individual visions while Safran reminded us not every character needs to match Batman’s tone.

The Batman’s cast proves Matt Reeves is going for a full reboot. Jeffrey Wright, for instance, is playing a totally new Commissioner Gordon.

Superman might get the same treatment if J.J. Abrams moves forward with a Superman movie. The director, and close friend of Matt Reeves, is reportedly having conversations with Warner about taking over the Man of Steel and could recast.

It’s also being suggested Abrams will make a Justice League movie down the line. That could involve Pattinson or Momoa so a reunion of the Bat and Aquaman is still possible.

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