A week ago, we reported spoilers of Birds of Prey that reportedly originate from a test screening. They went into the characters, how they meet, and Harley Quinn being tortured by Black Mask. More Reddit leaks this week reveal additional, probable details of the plot.

These leaks come again from the page r/DCEUleaks and user u/Slade_Wilson_23. Slade expands on his earlier post, adding information about Black Canary, Joker, and even Harley’s pet hyena.

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Slade reiterates the film is told in flashback, answering how Harley wound up a hostage of Black Mask, and adds her musical-number delirium is a performance of “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” where she’s “dressed as Marilyn Monroe.”

Jumping to the beginning, Slade says deleted footage of Jared Leto is used to bring his Joker back and show how toxic his relationship with Harley was before he kicked her out. So Leto is in BOP by way of Hollywood chicanery. Goes the post:

“After the events of Suicide Squad, the Joker and Harley have fled back to Gotham. Deleted footage of Jared Leto from the film is used to showcase how abusive their relationship really is which culminates in the Joker breaking up with Harley and kicking her out of their house along with a small basket of her belongings.”

With nowhere to turn, Harley is given an apartment by the kind owner of a Taiwanese restaurant named Doc, who we saw with Harley in behind-the-scenes images:

“Homeless and without a friend in the world, Harley is taken in by a kind old man named Doc who owns a Taiwanese restaurant in the city. He allows her to stay in the apartment above his restaurant.”

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She meets Black Mask, aka Roman Sionis (Ewan McGregor), by going clubbing to take her mind off things. While at one of his clubs, she meets Dinah Lance, the in-house singer, who is also “looking for a purpose in life.”

Harley gets rowdily drunk and Dinah has to save her from a scrape with Sionis’ men when she breaks the legs of his driver. Dinah fights everyone off and becomes Roman’s new driver.

She drives Harley home and it’s after that Harley vows to start over. She cuts her hair, adopts the hyena she names Bruce Wayne, and unleashes her fury on the place she pledged herself to Mr. J. – Ace Chemicals. A new dog tag she wears with the name “Bruce” on it – something that also can be seen in BTS photos – represents her new pet and not the real Bruce:

“Dinah drops Harley off at home. Harley decides to start anew. She cuts her hair, adopts a hyena from an exotic pet shop (who she calls Bruce Wayne and who kills and eats the sleazy pet shop owner) and blows up Ace Chemicals where she had pledged herself to Joker before truly becoming Harley Quinn, symbolically carving her own destiny and severing all ties to him. She also removes her “J” necklace and replaces it with a dog tag saying “Bruce” showing the new love of her life.”

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Renee Montoya enters the picture after Ace Chemicals is blown up and decides to catch Harley, thinking it’ll be easy without The Joker helping her.

Cassandra Cain turns out to be working for Sionis as a petty thief, initially, and steals what is again a diamond on his behalf. She betrays him and wants to sell the diamond for more money. Dinah and Zsasz are sent after her.

Cain’s swallowing of the diamond is an act of desperation she commits once she is arrested:

“Cassandra Cain, a young orphan and street thief in Gotham, works for Roman as a thief. She steals a diamond for him with very important information on it. Roman sends Dinah and his top henchman, psychotic killer Victor Zsasz to retrieve it but Cass double crosses him and runs away, hoping to sell the diamond to make more money. Cass is arrested and out of desperation, swallows the diamond.”

The next day, Harley is out reveling in “her emancipation” when she gets into a scuffle over slaying the pet shop owner. She goes nuts after dropping her sandwich and is captured:

“The following day, Harley is out celebrating her emancipation from Joker. She buys a sandwich and strolls through Gotham before being intercepted by Montoya. Harley throws her shoe at Montoya and flees the scene before being ambushed by some of Roman’s men, including the driver who is now in a wheelchair. She is also ambushed by the brother of the pet store owner who wants revenge. In the scuffle, Harley drops her sandwich. Enraged, Harley psychotically kills them but is captured by more thugs.”

Roman is kept up to speed by Dinah and Zsasz while torturing a family. He wears his signature mask to intimidate them, further indicating it’s in the film. Dinah and Zsasz relay they have Harley and there shouldn’t be retaliation from Joker:

“Roman is told by Zsasz and Dinah about Cass whilst he is in the midst of torturing a family. He was going to let the daughter live but he sees that she has a booger in her nose and changes his mind and orders her death. He also likes to wear a black mask while torturing people as an intimidation tactic. The black mask is an art piece. However they also inform him that they captured Harley, and don’t need to worry about retaliation from the Joker since she blew up Ace Chemicals, which proves they broke up.”

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Dinah rats on Roman to Montoya, “revealing she is a mole” and spurring Montoya to take down Sionis. The movie finally catches up with the opening and Sionis puts a bounty on Cass’ head:

“Harley tells the audience that they’re all caught up now. The Marylin Monroe fantasy happens again, only this time it’s more chaotic and violent. Harley overhears Roman talking about the diamond and offers to go retrieve it from Cass if he spares her life. He agrees and gives her a day but later decides to put a bounty on Cass’ head to make it more ‘fun'”

Harley infiltrates the Gotham Police Dept. to free Cass and breaks the fourth wall by literally “breaking the screen.” Holed up in an abandoned antique shop, she tries to get Cass to pass the diamond when men seeking the bounty burst in. Harley kills them.

Also after the bounty is Helena Bertinelli who, as previously reported, wants to draw Roman out. Press calls her the “crossbow killer.” She targets mobsters.

Dinah discovers her sonic Canary Cry but is found out by Roman. Zsasz intercepts a text to Montoya and Roman flies into a rage, scarring himself.

Harley’s apartment is bombed. Doc sold her out. Bruce, the hyena, is thought dead and Harley caves. She agrees to hand Cass over to Black Mask if he waives the bounty. This leads to the amusement park.

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Everyone converges on the park where the climactic activity happens:

“Roman sends Zsasz and Dinah to retrieve Cass. Zsasz drugs Harley showing that Roman didn’t honor their deal and Dinah tries to free Cass. However, Zsasz, already knowing about Dinah’s treachery, attacks her. However, he is killed by Helena who arrives at the amusement park. The women are all placed under arrest by Montoya who Dinah texted about the situation.”

Harley gets everyone to work together to strike back at Roman and they beat his goons with her weapons. She then pursues him and Cass to the pier. His mask is burned to his face in the battle and the contents of the diamond are exposed:

“Cass is captured by Roman and Harley pursues them to the Gotham Pier. Roman wears his black mask during the fight, and in the midst of the battle, it gets burned into his face. The diamond is retrieved and is revealed to have contained a nude statue of Roman all along (this was apparently changed to information on his criminal empire).”

The film still ends with Harley going her own way but Cass is also in tow. Bruce lives and Harley winks as the film ends:

“The film ends with Harley and Cass calling the Birds of Prey losers and refusing a further team up. They drive off into the sunset together with Harley’s hyena (in a neckbrace), Bernie the beaver and a sandwich for Harley. Harley winks at the audience and the film ends.”

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Here is the full Reddit post:


There’s no corroborating any of this until BOP comes out, but a comment seconds the information, adding there is a roller derby subplot:

“Can confirm this is all true aside from a few details… also left out between her cutting her hair and blowing up Ace, she joins a roller derby team and there’s a roller derby scene with “We Appreciate Power” by Grimes where Harley has glued her cut off pig tails to her helmet. Red/black costume”

I guess we’ll find out when Birds of Prey hits theaters in February.

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