During a climate change protest on November 22nd, actresses Piper Perabo and Diane Lane were arrested in Washington, D.C. while protesting alongside Jane Fonda in front of the Supreme Court Building.

Climate activist group Fire Drill Fridays confirmed Lane, Perabo, and actress Amber Valletta were arrested. You can see them in handcuffs in the pictures below.

The group noted that in total 40 people were arrested by DC Police.

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Perabo confirmed she was arrested on her personal Twitter account writing, “I was just arrested at Fire Drill Friday because we are in a climate emergency, and we need our government to protect our land, air, and water from big oil’s pollution.”

She added, “Honored to stand with Jane Fonda and so many inspiring youth climate activists.”

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Perabo would also respond to critics noting that she took a train to DC instead of a private plane.

She wrote on Twitter, “People I don’t know are saying I took a private plane to DC. FYI, I took the train.”

Perabo added, “I do my best to care for our environment. Large corps are the worst polluters & want us to blame each other to distract.”

Valletta wrote on Instagram:

“Today in front of the U.S. Capitol and Supreme for Fire Drill Friday we raised our voices and got arrested for Climate Crisis and specifically the protection of water.”

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Today in front of the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court for #firedrillfriday we raised our voices and got arrested for Climate Crisis and specifically the protection of water. 1. There will be many impacts of climate change, but among the most important are impacts on water resources. 2. The key impacts will be changes in rain and snow, rising temperatures (and hence rising demand for water, especially to grow food), and extreme weather events like floods and droughts. We are already seeing impacts! 3. Given enormous water problems already (failure to meet basic needs for billions of people, industrial contamination, destroying wildlife, disappearing groundwater, conflicts over water…), climate change is a massive added threat. 4. There are smart things we can do. Every small action builds to the bigger change we need. Raise YOUR voice and demand that the Supreme Court does not let the current administration to continue its rollbacks on the Clean Water Act. Demand that congress passes The Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability (WATER) Act of 2019 is a comprehensive solution that creates a WATER Trust Fund dedicating $35 billion for water infrastructure improvements across the United States. Clean water like clean air is our birthright as beings on this planet. 💙Thank you to @janefonda for being a fearless leader, the @firedrillfriday team for all of their hard work and all of the activists and folks around the world who are fighting for our future.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jane Fonda was not arrested. They report:

“Fonda avoided arrest the past two weeks of protest because she faces a lengthy jail stay for each additional infraction with which she is charged.”

The Hollywood Reporter also notes the D.C. Attorney General’s office did not charge Fonda for her previous arrests.

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Fonda has been arrested four times, but has only spent a night in jail.

Fonda, Lane, Perabo, and Valletta are not the only celebrities who have been arrested during these weekly climate protests led by Jane Fonda.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. , June Diane Raphael, and Marg Helgenberger have also been arrested. They were all arrested after they participated in a sit-in at the U.S. Capitol Building.