It feels like ages since we heard anything about the developing New Gods film. The feature, based on characters created by Jack Kirby, will be directed by A Wrinkle in Time helmer Ava DuVernay. She is co-writing the script with award-winning Batman scribe Tom King and recently shared they are still working on it.

On Twitter, DuVernay answered a query about the screenplay’s status at the end of November. She replied she’s “Writing with Tom King like [Big] Barda in a battle. Strong and fearing no man.”

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Have a gander at her tweet:

Development of New Gods started at the beginning of the year and the duo partnered up over the summer to begin working on the screenplay. King was brought on in May and DuVernay landed her dual gig in 2018 officially.

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Tom King is visibly excited to be working with Ava DuVernay. He gave her a huge compliment in an interview with Publishers Weekly two months back, comparing her to New Gods creator Jack Kirby:

“I feel like I have this genius, Jack Kirby, who created this [series] and this genius Ava DuVernay. I see them as parallel figures, both taking their uniquely American backgrounds and using them to push American art forward into places it’s never been before. I feel like it’s my job to bring those two geniuses to together and to make it work.”

DuVernay reportedly wants to keep the material as close to Kirby’s vision as possible. Apokolips, New Genesis, and the Female Furies led by Granny Goodness are all slated for an appearance. She confirmed that in July:

Moreover, she asked King for “Kirby experts” to oversee the production. He revealed that tidbit at San Diego Comic-Con:

“She invited me out, and she asked what team I wanted to bring. Because she wanted to assemble people who knew Kirby, and she was like, ‘Can you put together a team?’ So we put together this team. And she was smart, and a good storyteller, and it was one of the best storytelling experiences I’ve ever had. And next week I go off to work with her.”

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Also confirmed is Darkseid whose debut to the DC Extended Universe was nipped in the bud by the reshoots for Justice League. But we know he existed in the background thanks to fellow New God of Apokolips Steppenwolf, the swarms of Parademons, the Omega symbol in Batman v. Superman’s Knightmare scene, and a quick but forgettable mention in Justice League itself.

DuVernay confirmed Darkseid in July as well:

New Gods doesn’t have a cast lined up yet or a release date. DuVernay and King are mum on the plot, but it will probably center around Mister Miracle and his escape from captivity on Apokolips before, hunted by the Furies, Barda joins his side.

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