For months, we’ve been telling you about the possibility Henry Cavill might be left behind in favor of someone younger playing Superman. This is mainly due to J.J. Abrams’ rumored talk with Warner Bros. about a new movie. And we can finally attach an actor’s name and face to all the hoopla.

We Got This Covered reports Warner Bros. is looking at emerging actor David Corenswet, who most recently starred in The Politician, a Netflix original series created by Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck). He also starred in the Amazon Prime movie Affairs of the State alongside Adrian Grenier, Thora Birch, and Mimi Rogers. Forbes called his performance in the political thriller “reminiscent” of Armie Hammer.

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Corenswet also has an upcoming role in the 2020 series Hollywood, also on Netflix and produced by Ryan Murphy. He is no household name yet but his star is rising and, like WGTC says, playing Superman would propel him into superstardom or at least do a lot for his visibility on the scene.

Here he is talking to E! News about working with Murphy:

WGTC sticks by their sources, saying they are the same ones who told them Abrams was being offered a DC character, either Green Lantern or Superman. Variety also reported on that story and a host of others connected to the future of the DC Extended Universe.

The latter publication also reported Michael B. Jordan met with Warner execs and delivered a pitch for his take on Superman. If anything materializes on that front, it won’t be soon; a deal wasn’t reached and there is no script or director. Jordan, having other commitments, isn’t waiting around for something to happen.

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Henry Cavill, on the other hand, is waiting and still is a factor. He went on the record in a talk with Men’s Health and said the cape is still his, hanging in his closet. There is still more the actor wishes to “give” and say as Superman, he added.

Though clearly committed to the role, not to mention taking ownership of it, things could always change. Cavill will be 40 by the time another Superman movie is projected to come out – 2023.

By then, Robert Pattinson’s turn as Batman will be in full swing and – based on what we learned from Cosmic Book News and their sources at San Diego Comic-Con – Warner isn’t looking to have a Superman older than its Batman.

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Corenswet is 26 and will still be young enough to play the Man of Steel in 2023. WB may bide their time, wait out Cavill, and hand the part off to Corenswet.

What might keep Cavill in the role, however, is Dwayne Johnson. The two share the same management and Johnson reportedly wants Cavill as the Superman Black Adam faces off against in Black Adam 2.

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WB and DC don’t normally have two men wearing red and blue at the same time, especially not in the same medium, but they could employ the multiverse as a fallback so Johnson, Cavill, and Abrams all get their way. It’s an “Extended Universe,” after all. We shall see.

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