A Los Angeles judge recently granted “Seinfeld,” “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” and “Veep,” star Julia Louis-Drefyus’ request for a restraining order against a woman who has allegedly been continually stalking and harassing the actress, even going so far as to threaten to “throw a molotov cocktail” or “grenade” into the actress’ home.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Louis-Dreyfus claims that she and her family have been “victims of a course of conduct that has included stalking, cyberstalking, harassment and other annoying and alarming misconduct by an obsessed fanatic and complete stranger.”

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The woman, who has been identified as Alisa Pearlman and is stated to currently be homeless, allegedly “threatened that she could throw a “Molotov cocktail” or “grenade” into Louis-Dreyfus home, also referencing the start of a “war” against the actress.”

Though a majority of this Pearlman’s harassment and stalking has taken place online, Louis-Dreyfus has also noted that Pearlman has been randomly appearing unannounced near her home and has posted signs in the actress’ neighborhood reading “Julia Louis Dreyfus is Stealing from a Homeless Writer.”

Legal documents claim that this woman has “conjured up the delusion that Ms. Louis-Dreyfus somehow stole her writing for use in the award-winning television series, Veep, for which Ms. Louis-Dreyfus has won multiple Emmys and Screen Actors Guild Awards.”

Louis-Dreyfus had previously reported her harassment to the LAPD, who assigned it to their Threat Management Unit. This unit filed a declaration in support of Louis-Dreyfus’ restraining order, stating that “Ms. Louis-Dreyfus reasonably and understandably fears that (the woman’s) harassment and abuse will continue and escalate.”

“For over a year, the suspect has harassed Ms. Dreyfus on Twitter. The suspect has tagged Ms. Dreyfus’s Twitter account as the suspect rants about Ms. Dreyis stealing her ideas and not being paid for them. These rants would come in droves for an extended period of time. The suspect would then take her site down as if she was trying to hide.”

“Ms. Louis-Drefus is in fear for her safety and has suffered substantial distress because of Alisa Pearlman’s alarming, annoying, harassing and threatening course of conduct, which serves no legitimate use and is delusional and obsessive. Ms. Louis-Dreyfus reasonably and understandably fears that (the woman’s) harassment and abuse will continue and escalate.”

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In her filing, Louis-Dreyfus noted six specific behaviors which she has accused Pearlman of engaging in:

1. Stalking Ms. Louis-Dreyfus and her husband at their home and in public;

2. Making threats against Ms. Louis-Dreyfus and her husband, such as to “hurt” Ms. Louis-Dreyfus, planning an “attack,” and throwing a “Molotov cocktail” or “grenade” into Ms. Louis-Dreyfus’s home;

3. Cyberstalking and harassing Ms. Louis-Dreyfus and her family by electronic communication;

4. Incessantly publishing outrageous, false, and defamatory statements about Ms. Louis-Dreyfus and her family members;

5. Posting explicit pornographic material on the Internet, and falsely and outrageously attributing the material to Ms. Louis-Dreyfus’s son.

6. Contacting media agencies and television organizations to publish claims false, outrageous, and defamatory statements about Ms. Louis-Dreyfus and her family members, including sending explicit pornographic material through the Internet to employers and potential employers, falsely claiming the materials depict a family member.

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Louis-Dreyfus continued her filing, explaining that she was “frightened for my safety when leaving my house or coming home at night.”

“I am frightened for my safety when leaving my house or coming home at night. Based upon (her) comments, threats, and stalking activities as summarized above, I am anxious and fearful that Ms. Pearlman’s delusional obsession will not only result in continued harassment of me but also manifest into additional forms of abuse and harassment, including harming (or attempting to harm) my husband or me physically.”

A Los Angeles judge approved Louis-Dreyfus’ request, ordering Pearlman to remain at 100 yards distance from Louis-Dreyfus, her home, and her family, and to “not to contact the persons, either directly or indirectly, using social media such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.”

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