Twitch streamer Alinity has found herself in the middle of another controversy, this time involving her dog and PETA has demanded she be removed from Twitch.

Alinity is no stranger to controversies involving her pets. She recently was investigated by the Canadian SPCA for multiple incidents involving her cat while on stream.

Notably, giving her cat a kiss with vodka in her mouth, and more recently, tossing her cat over her head with no regard while playing Apex Legends.

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At the time, Twitch gave her no discipline for either of the incidents, despite company officials admitting she should be banned via their personal Twitter.

Things calmed down for a month or two, but now Alinity is at the center of controversy again.

In her pinned Tweet, she has shared this clip from December 1st:

In the original clip which has since been deleted, her dog sniffs and nuzzles her private area.

Alinity explains the situation saying:

“[Luna] decided to come behind me and say hello. I didn’t know she was there. I didn’t really feel her. Then when I realized she was there, I tried to push her with my leg and I was like okay leave.”

She would also respond to individuals who want her banned from Twitch over the video.

“Y’all have gone way too far. Yes, I have a dog and I was trying to do a headstand, that I’ve been trying to do for a long time. There’s like millions of clips of me trying to do a headstand out there.”

She continues, “Y’all can report me or whatever for my doggy coming and sniffing my butt while I’m on my period. I didn’t even feel her, man. That pad was so big. It’s kind of ridiculous. I honestly can’t believe it.”

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YouTuber Keemstar would then share a compilation video of Alinity with her dog.

He would follow that up by requesting PETA investigate.

Keemstar would not be alone in asking for PETA to investigate. One user would ask PETA, “Please check the shit Alinity is doing with her dog on Twitcher, we’re done with Twitch not doing anything about animal abuse, and we have no options left…”

PETA would respond saying, “We are aware of the cruelty and have demanded Twitch take her off of the platform.”

There’s been no official response from Twitch.

What do you think about this latest controversy surrounding Alinity? Leave your thoughts below.

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