Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel is currently the most mistake filled movie of 2019.

According to Movie Mistakes, Captain Marvel has the most mistakes of any 2019 movie with 59 mistakes.

Not far behind Larson’s Captain Marvel is Avengers: Endgame, which the site reports has 52 mistakes.

Rounding out the top five on their most mistake filled list of 2019 is Midsommar with 45 mistakes, Stuber with 43 mistakes, and Batman: Hush with 42 mistakes.

As for what the errors are involving Captain Marvel they include improper use of military dog tags, a number of historical errors with objects showing up in the movie that would not have existed yet, as well as filming errors such as having Larson’s Vers pass a man on the train and then show up again in the next shot.

Here’s some of the specific examples they point out. First up are problems with the movies seen on the shelf at Blockbuster.

“The movie is set in June 1995, based on the calendar at Rambeau’s house, but some of the movies on the shelf at Blockbuster weren’t released yet, like First Knight which opened in theaters in July 1995, and was released on VHS in December 1995, or Junior that was released on VHS in January 1996.”

A problem with how California license plates were displayed.

“After taking the motorcycle, Danvers rides to the bar and passes a blue and white open-bed Ford pickup. There are two things wrong with the truck’s license plate: it is a non-commercial California plate “1TAH285” (pickups in California back then had to have commercial plates, form 1A23456, unless a special allowance was made if they always have a camper), and the plate is blue on white which was first used with plates starting with “2.” A plate of form 1ABC234 starting with “1” are gold on blue. “

They also point out a number of plot holes, one being the Skrulls attempting to kill Vers, but needing her for her memories.

“Throughout the movie, the Skrulls need Vers for her memories. But the first action they take is sniping at her from a rooftop, then the agents of SHIELD go into the mission saying explicitly they have a “Dead or alive” order, and Talos himself shoots at them with a gun.”

Another plot hole involves Nick Fury arriving at the bar before Vers.

“When Vers arrives at the bar,┬áNick Fury is already there. She went straight to the bar after stealing the bike, while Fury needed still to learn about the theft, link it to the case, with investigations taking place to maybe (only possibility that would not depend on the vehicle being reported) figure out that Pancho’s was the destination from examining the search history of the browser. Fury went there by car. His boss also explicitly says to work on the case alone. Amazing he could be there with such timing.”

They also point out issues with the combat. Vers is stunned by a blast weapon, but had previously shrugged off numerous attacks from the Skrulls.

“One blast of the stun weapon by the Skrulls is all it takes to KO Carol long enough to be kidnapped, taken aboard the ship and brain probed, but in the fight scene that ensues she gets hit multiple times and just shrugs it off like it’s nothing.”

Movie Mistakes isn’t the only one to point out the flaws of Captain Marvel. YouTuber CinemaSins recounted 97 total Cinema Sins for the film.

While Captain Marvel is the most mistake filled movie of 2019 currently, it is nowhere near the most-mistake filled movie according to Movie Mistakes.

That honor goes to Apocalypse Now which has 559 mistakes. In fact, Captain Marvel is nowhere close to the top 5 of the most mistake filled films of all time.

Following Apocalypse Now, The Birds has 547 mistakes, The Wizard of Oz has 431 mistakes, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace has 418 mistakes, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl has 392 mistakes.

What do you make of this report about Captain Marvel currently being the most-mistake filled film of 2019? What mistakes did you catch? Did you notice any other mistakes?