A recent update to the North American servers for Fate/Grand Order has added the first Foreigner-class servant, Abigail Williams, to the game completely uncensored, much to the surprise of fans.

The Abigail Williams featured in Fate/Grand Order is based on the real life Abigail Williams, who is most well known for being one of the first accusers in the infamous Salem Witch Trials, and whose accusations would lead to the deaths of over twenty people before she seemingly vanished from written historical record.

In the game, Williams is depicted as a small, young witch who grows progressively more witchlike and nude as she progresses in her transformations. In her final form, she is depicted wearing nothing but a small pair of underwear and giant, flowing ribbons:

Abigail Williams Debuts Uncensored in Latest North American Fate/Grand Order Update

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Despite her depiction as a scantily clad loli, depictions of which are usually met with accusations of pedophilia and calls for censorship, Williams debuted in the North American region completely uncensored, as seen in gameplay video from the USA server by YouTuber Leon Nguyen:

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This came as a surprise to fans who expected further censorship of Fate/Grand Order, based on the previous alteration to Emiya (Alter)’s appearance, in which the character’s artwork was edited to lighten his skin in an effort to avoid accusations of racism.

Are you surprised that Abigail Williams was added uncensored to the Fate/Grand Order game?

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