Gal Gadot Explains Why Wonder Woman Will Not Use Her Sword: “Very Aggresive”

Wonder Woman 1984 star Gal Gadot recently explained why Wonder Woman will no longer use her sword in the upcoming film.

At a recent convention covered by YouTube channel CinePop, Gadot revealed Wonder Woman would no longer use her sword in Wonder Woman 1984.

Gadot explained:

“Wonder Woman does not carry a weapon. No, we had an intention to let go of the sword because there is something very aggressive with the sword. If you have a sword, you need to use it. So we wanted to give that up.”

She also noted she will not be using her shield either.

“And we didn’t feel that the shield was necessary either. She is a goddess. She can fight. She’s super strong. And she has the skills. She has the gauntlets, the lasso, she has her tiara and that’s about it.”

It’s a rather interesting move given the first Wonder Woman film went out of the way to see the character acquire the God Killer sword.

However, that film would later reveal that the sword wasn’t actually the God Killer, but that it was Wonder Woman who was actually the God Killer.

The sword would eventually be destroyed by Ares. He then tells her, “That is not the God Killer. You are. Only a god can kill another god. Zeus left the child he had with the Queen of the Amazons as a weapon to use against me.”

While the God Killer sword would be destroyed by Ares in Wonder Woman, Diana would acquire a new sword, the Sword of Athena, by the time of Batman v. Superman and Justice League.

It’s possible Wonder Woman 1984 could be retconning Wonder Woman’s use of the sword as seen in Batman v Superman and Justice League, but it’s also possible she didn’t acquire the Sword of Athena until after the events of Wonder Woman 1984 take place.

Wonder Woman has used a sword and shield throughout her long comic book career. In fact, she wielded a sword back in 1942 in Wonder Woman #1. While participating in a contest to determine the strongest maiden, Diana mounts a Kanga and duels her fellow Amazonians with a sword.

Upon winning the contest she is even awarded her iconic outfit.

In fact, using these weapons was part of the Amazonian culture. As Wonder Woman creator Charles Moulton explains:

“Wonder Woman’s story is the history of her race. It reaches fat back into that Golden Age when proud and beautiful women, stronger than men, ruled Amazonia and worshipped ardently the immortal Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Out of that legendary glory which present-day Amazons still preserve in secret, comes Wonder Woman, the most powerful and captivating girl of modern times, the fearless maiden who gave up her heritage of peace and happiness to help America fight evil and aggression.”

And they even honored that heritage in the first Wonder Woman movie as we see Wonder Woman training with various weapons.

And while they are ditching Wonder Woman’s sword and shield, it does appear she will acquire a brand new set of armor as the most recent trailer shows.

What do you make of Gal Gadot’s explanation for why the sword and shield won’t be featured in Wonder Woman 1984?

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