Hollywood Critics Association Announces Charlie’s Angels Actress Kristen Stewart as Actress of the Decade

The Hollywood Critics Association announced they will award Charlie’s Angels actress Kristen Stewart the Actress of the Decade Award.

On December 13th, they tweeted, “We at the HCA are proud to announce that Kristen Stewart will receive the Actress of the Decade Award at our ceremony on January 9, 2020.”

They added, “Stewart’s impressive filmography includes Seberg, Personal Shopper, Clouds of Sils Maria, The Runaways, and Charlie’s Angels.”

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Before announcing Stewart as their Actress of the Decade the Hollywood Critics Association lamented the lack of female directors being nominated for awards during awards season.

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Along with Kristen Stewart, they announced Denis Villeneuve as Filmmaker of the Decade.

Daniela Taplin Lundberg received the Producer of the Decade Award for her work on Harriet, Honey Boy, The Kids Are All Right, and Beasts of No Nation.

The Hollywood Critics Association was launched in 2016. According to their website, “the primary goal of the Hollywood Critics Association is to bring together a passionate groups of critics to represent the voices of a new era in Hollywood. Our focus has always been to connect a diverse group of critics who capture the viewpoints of all backgrounds, not only in Hollywood but across the United States and abroad.”

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They continue:

“Diversity is incredibly important in film criticism and the HCA wants to make sure that all voices are represented within our group. In addition, we wanted to embrace critics who found new ways to criticize film whether that be through vlogs, webcasts, podcasts, or social media. New media is here to stay and so is the HCA.”

What do you make of the Hollywood Critics Association’s choice for Actress of the Decade? Who would you have chosen?

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