Regina King portrayed Angela Abar/Sister Knight on HBO’s Watchmen. She ate a raw egg at the end of Sunday’s finale (spoiler) and commenced an experiment to check if she inherited the powers of Cal/Dr. Manhattan (Yahya-Abdul Mateen).

Officially, thanks to King and an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, it can be said – affirmatively – Abar did indeed inherit the powers of Dr. Manhattan. Among other things, THR questioned King about doing a second season and she sounds like she is on the same wavelength as showrunner Damon Lindelof about that.

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Lindelof said to Rolling Stone he sees two outcomes – Angela falling in the pool or walking on water. Neither impresses him enough to make season two.

“I think neither one of those stories are going to particularly make for a compelling season of television. Others may disagree. But that’s my feeling.”

King likewise wants to do another season if it can be “comparable” to the one that just ended, she said:

“I couldn’t even begin to speak on that. All I can say is if season two came back, I would want it to be comparable to season one. That sounds like a tall hill to climb!”

She cannot envision following up, she says, without a game plan. Funny enough, she was in the dark about the first season.

“I can see myself being involved in a season two if it was really smart. I would need to know the beginning and the endgame, unlike how this season was. I did not know what the endgame was. I just totally trust Damon.”

Asked if she knew how Watchmen would end or the fate of Abar, King said she didn’t, despite shades of blue coming over her on a poster she’s on:

“I’m not even going to lie: I surely did not. I was on social media yesterday and saw a lot of people with the poster up saying, ‘It was right in front of us all along!’ And I went, ‘Oh my god, it was right in front of me all along!’ Jesus, I didn’t even see it!”

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In his Rolling Stone interview, Damon Lindelof seemingly kept up an air of ambiguity but he and his crew were aware the whole time Abar was going to get Dr. Manhattan’s abilities.

Regina King was told point-blank by A-cameraman Chris Cuevas “You’re going to be Doctor Manhattan!” when she thought Angela was “going to fall in the pool!” Lindelof doubled down later in a conversation King recalled with “she’s totally inheriting his powers.”

King added there is a part of her that wants to see what Sister Knight does with her newfound power but feels it “seems kind of hard to accomplish” topping what they did in the last nine episodes.

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HBO has yet to renew Watchmen.

Any thoughts on Angela Abar becoming Dr. Manhattan or comments about a possible second season? Leave them below.

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