Entertainment news outlet Collider is reporting that a new limited television series based on Stephen King’s Carrie is being developed by FX and MGM Television.

According to Collider’s “sources,” the new series will “likely” cast “either a trans performer or an actress of color rather than a cis white woman” to play the titular role of Carrietta “Carrie” White.

Collider commented that the “project’s potential casting twist is so interesting — because it would bring something new to the Carrie table.”

However, when pressed by Collider for details regarding this decision, both FX and a representative for MGM TV declined to comment.

This will mark the fourth adaptation of Carrie and the first adaptation made for television. Brian De Palma directed the now-classic 1976 film Carrie, which spawned a massively unpopular sequel, The Rage: Carrie 2, and a 2013 remake starring Chloë Grace Moretz.

That 2013 remake earned $35.2 million at the domestic box office and would go on to earn a total of $82.4 million worldwide.

The-Numbers reports the film had $7.3 million in domestic video sales.

The film received a 50% Tomatometer rating and 44% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.


In contrast, the original film has a 92% Tomatometer rating and a 77% Audience Score.

The original film earned $25.8 million, which was 14.4 times the movie’s production budget.

This upcoming series, which will most likely air on the FX network, marks the second collaboration between the studios after the wildly popular Fargo.

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