A source close to Bounding Into Comics has detailed that Noah Hawley’s reported Star Trek film is dead in the water or in this case, space.

Noah Hawley, who created Legion and Fargo on FX, was reported to be working on a new Star Trek film by Deadline back in November.

Report: Legion and Fargo Creator Noah Hawley to Write and Direct New Star Trek Film

That report indicated the current Star Trek film cast would return including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, and Zoe Saldana.

However, a source tells Bounding Into Comics that the film is now dead as a number of investors have pulled out of the project.

This information comes after Star Trek actor Simon Pegg recently stated he didn’t know anything about Hawley’s involvement in a Star Trek 4 film.

Simon Pegg

However, Pegg did note that he thought Hawley had been hired to write something for Star Trek. But he indicated that the current Star Trek film actors would not be involved in that project.

Pegg was clear that he was “talking out of my ass as usual.”

Not only is this rumor bolstered by Pegg’s comments, but it comes amid what appears to be chaos in the Star Trek camp.

Before Deadline reported on Hawley’s Star Trek film, a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek film had been making the rounds.

However, Tarantino recently indicated that he was stepping away from Star Trek.

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He told Consequence of Sound in December he was “steering away from Star Trek.” He also noted he had not even had an “official conversation with those guys yet.”

While Tarantino indicated he was steering away from Star Trek, Pegg believed it was “still kind of in the mix.”

Not only does the prospect of Tarantino reinvigorating Star Trek now seem a distant memory, but Paramount Pictures and its parent company Viacom seemed to be having troubles controlling a budget for a fourth Star Trek film.

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Back in August 2018, The Hollywood Reporter reported that both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine exited contract negotiations for a fourth Star Trek film. The report indicated that both Pine and Hemsworth walked away from the film over money.

It also noted that Paramount was trying to stick to a tight budget after Star Trek: Beyond only grossed $343 million worldwide, the worst performing film since the franchise was “rebooted” in 2009.

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