X-Men: The St. Croix Family Explained

Not very long ago we discussed the most powerful family trees within the X-Men franchise. I’m embarrassed to admit that I missed one. It’s probably for the best because this family is so confusing and intricate, they warrant an article all to themselves. The family in question is none other than the St. Croix clan.

X-Men: The St Croix Family Explained

The surname St. Croix will mean absolutely bupkis to the casual fan. Heck, most may not even recognize the name M – their most famous member – at first mention. The St. Croix family hails from France and enjoyed a life of privilege due to their patriarch – Cartier St. Croix – being a higher ranking diplomat of the country.

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Cartier’s children – Marius, Monet, Nicole, and Claudette – all became mutants.

Marius aka Emplate

Marius, the eldest child, was essentially disowned by his father for various reasons. Taking on the name Emplate, he possesses several mutant powers including vampiric abilities that allow him to copy the powers of other mutants after ingesting their marrow and track/read them through their aura.
X-Men: The St Croix Family Explained

He can also manipulate his molecular integrity, and become invisible to the eye. By all means, he’s a predator of his kind, not unlike Selene or Trevor Fitzroy.

Emplate’s vampiric abilities can infect others as has been seen in future timelines where droves of his kind infest the planet. He can also traverse other dimensions and utilize magic – the former possibly a derivative of the later.

X-Men: The St Croix Family Explained

Though it’s not explained when/how he acquired his skills, Emplate famously used his magical abilities to transform his sister Monet into the nightmarish mute creature he called ‘Penance.’ He did this to her as punishment for ridiculing his strange appearance coupled with the idea that she’d leave her life of ease to dominate some unknown dimension.

X-Men: The St Croix Family Explained


You see, Monet is the most favored of her siblings –  and she doesn’t allow anyone not to know that. Her eugenics-like mutation didn’t help tame her ego. Monet is sort of… perfect. Unlike her brother, her X-gene accentuated her already considerable beauty by gifting her with superhuman strength, reflexes, senses, durability, and intelligence along with the power of flight. She also possesses limited telepathy and telekinesis.

X-Men: The St Croix Family Explained

Nicole and Claudette

The two youngest children of the St. Croix brood are identical twins Nicole and Claudette. The only real difference between the two siblings were their mental states. Unlike Nicole, Claudette suffered from a form of autism. Their parents – already having gone through two mutant children – arranged to have their youngest girls instructed by Gateway.

Having the mutant portal marker oversee their training was smart. The two children can punch holes between dimensions – but their list of abilities doesn’t stop there. They can also read and project their thoughts into the minds of others and merge to create a new form.

X-Men: The St Croix Family Explained

The most well-known instance of this combining power was when they used it to impersonate Monet for a prolonged period. Why did they ape their sister’s appearance? Well, that’s where this tale gets a bit odd. Moments after Emplate changed M into Penance, Nicole used her portal power to banish her brother to another realm.

X-Men: The St Croix Family Explained

Monet – now in the Penance form – chased after her brother in hopes he’d change her back. Emplate’s banishment proved to be more than an inconvenience for him. He needed to feed on other mutants to survive – his only source in his banishment was his very own sister. While there, he was tormented by the realm’s beings which resulted in him needing a machine to breathe.

X-Men: The St Croix Family Explained

Ironically, the diamond-hard body of the Penance form protected Monet from her brother’s fate. With the family favorite child missing, the twins took it upon themselves to merge and impersonate her. By this time, their mother had mysteriously died. The girls intended to spare their family – namely their father – the grief of losing Monet as well.

X-Men: The St Croix Family Explained

St. Croix Merge Abilities

The ability to merge is a power that all St. Croix siblings share. They can each merge with another, or altogether to form new beings – as seen in the creation of M-Plate – with unique powers. Often an amalgamation of all present abilities not short of super-strength & durability, flight, density manipulation, inter-dimensional travel, and when Emplate is involved, magical powers.

X-Men: The St Croix Family Explained

Emplate, Monet, Nicole, and Claudette are among the most nebulously developed characters in all of X-Men history. It’s probably what makes them so interesting. They are also of the Muslim faith, beating Kamala Kahn to it by two-decades. Currently, all siblings can be found on Krakoa – Emplate, assisting in the monitoring of the mutant population and Monet as an X-Man.

What do you think about the St. Croix family? Confusing enough? Let us know below!

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