Robert Pattinson’s Suit in The Batman Could Be Based on the Design by Lee Bermejo

In an update on what the Batsuit will look like in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, we learned the design might take a page out of the portfolio of a celebrated, modern Batman artist.

A tweet, since deleted, by former Variety writer Kris Tapley claimed the basis for the cape, cowl, and armor Robert Pattinson dons will be the artwork of Lee Bermejo.

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Bermejo is best known for the 2011 graphic novel Batman: Noël, a Dark Knight take on A Christmas Carol he wrote and illustrated, and his work on Joker with Brian Azzarello. he is also currently working on the DC Comics Black Label series, Batman: Damned.

Batman Noël

Bermejo employed a dark, higher-contrast black and grey palate more in keeping with the way the Caped Crusader has been represented in the last two decades. More practical and tactical with mesh and smaller ears, it’s not a big departure from Christian Bale or Ben Affleck.

Michael Keaton almost had a Bermejo-esque color scheme to his outfit before that was a thing but he didn’t stick around for Batman Forever. The normative style for Batman at this point is realistic and utilitarian to a fault with, much like Christopher Nolan’s mantra, “a taste for the theatrical.”

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In September, Bermejo offered a clue with an Instagram story showing fan art of Pattinson in a cowl straight out of Batman: Noël.

About two months after that pic dropped, a rumor circulated The Batman’s suit would be vintage blue/grey – something more Adam West or Neal Adams. Suggested too was the eyes would be white lenses that, speculatively, would move and emote like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man suit and Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of Deadpool.

Quite a reaction was garnered on social media, which we reported. Here is part of Geeks WorldWide writer KC Walsh’s Twitter thread posted in November:

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I remind you Kapley’s tweet was deleted so this could be just another rumor. The Batman is supposed to start filming in roughly two weeks so we’ll know for certain before long.

Leaked images already show us prep for a reported funeral scene. BTS photos of Pattinson in costume should follow.


What are you hoping for Pattinson’s Batman suit to look like? Sound off below.

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